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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stick a Fork in Me ... I'm done

Did anybody{??} see where BB put my wheelbarrow??  I need it ... along with someone to push the damn thing.

Yesterday, I made myself a promise that I would not be stuffing myself to the point of finding myself unable to even push myself away from the table.   Lot of good that did me because I found myself sitting there looking at BB and stating that I needed him to roll me over to my chair in front of the Tv.
His comment was, "Who the hell is going to get me out of my chair because,  I'm no better off than you are."




You read that right I did say "table".  The ceiling and walls have finally been finished in the painting department in the dining room.  
BB also put together a set of shelves that fit in a corner by being screwed into each of the walls going into the corner.  They look like a Set of steps going nowhere that is now covered with 4 generations of family pictures and a few pieces of silver and other small items.  It really looks nice.
BB then put a shelf over the dinning room window that has scroll brackets that are screwed in to the inside of the 4 inch  window well wall.  Wow!! Can you say he got busy.
Now all I got to do is to paint the bracket..Black-Bean..this week-end.
Find the black sheers that were put somewhere in one of the closets for safe keeping and then re-hang the leather drapes.
Sometime in the next few days, Fed-Ex will be delivering to me my new buffet/hutch which is made of light pine that I ordered to replace the 2 very dark oak-like units. [These 2 never went well with the rest of the wood furniture and sucked all of the light from the room.  Can you say black hole.]  This  new buffet/hutch will go with the pine that I have in the front room.  Since these 2 rooms are on an open floor plan it helps the decoration factor by having much of the furniture working together rather than fighting each other.
Now, I just have to figure out what to do with those 2 "black holes".. er .. ah dark behemoths.

NEXT on the agenda is the front room...which means its furniture movin time so the 15 foot ceiling can be painted.

Great...and its also time for Christmas decorating.

Wonder which one will win ???


Now, I'll say to one and all that I truly hope that your T-Day was spent with lots of food shared with those that you loved.  But, if the ones you love couldn't be there I hope that the phone lines were smokin.

From a "well Over-stuffed" and ready for a "Turkey Nap"  Miss Em



Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Tea and bourbon... that doesn't sound half bad.

Miss Em said...

If I was going to drink it would have been ...

Grey Goose and a pair of frozen rocks