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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Hello Everyone,

Merry Christmas  and before I forget and it gets past me  HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

Here are a couple of pictures of what adorns my place for the holiday season.

This one is sitting on a table top that is 6 feet by 5-1/2 feet and only took 2 and 1/2 days to figure out just how to set it up.  Next year ought to be a lot easier especially with the picture.
Now, if I can talk BB into making me a second story ?
[ You did notice that the if was in really big letters.  I've already hinted at a second story with a road leading up to it and he looked at me as if I was either asking for the moon or a meer- i - cle.  Maybe, if I hint and do a little whinning.  Well, I will give it a good try and see if it works.]

Next year is still a looooooooooong way away.

 The next one is on display on one of the three shelves of the hutch of my brand new pine buffet/hutch that goes with the rest of the pine furniture in the living/dining room.

The fire truck and candle holders are only a couple of years old.

The bucket came with a dozen home-made chocolate chip cookies that I received from one of my customers this year.  I am now using the bucket to catch my keys and sun-glasses because I keep loosing them in the house.  Thursday morning I was "bitchin" and "stomping" through the house trying to find my keys.  BB said to look in the basket in the dining room chair...someplace that I never have placed my keys before.
Damn!  It's a shame that ones memory goes before the thinking part of the mind does.

The small tin held a Ginger-bread Man.  He wasn't toooo bad either.
  Buffet Top...    
Most of the Nativity scene I made when I was living in Seattle, Washington.  A few of the Angles, all of the trees and all of the snow has been added in the last year or two. 

Oh the reason I have these two very nice pictures is because I gave BB his Christmas present early and he is having a blast learning how to use it.
Thank you BB.

{I keep hearing "This is neat." ..."Oh, man this is sooooo cool."  and "Thank you, I just love my Christmas present."  ...  It sure is nice to have made somebody's day.}

Welp, its time to head back to the kitchen and keep doing the prep work for a nice meal tomorrow. 

I hope all of you have a great day and get much of what you like/want.

Once again ...



Don't  forget to say a prayer for all of our worriors who will not be able to spend the day with their family and friends.


Coffeypot said...

I can see making a mountain and paint a road but have shelves for mountain cottages as you go up.

Hope you two have a great Christmas, too. It will be warm enough to go fishing.

Paxford said...

It all looks lovely! :)

Merry Christmas


Miss Em said...

Coffeypot would love to but its not in the crappy cards that have been delt. BB left for Alabama @ 12:30a. One of his special texting relative's daddy is dying and she asked him if he could come over to be with her.
If this was happening to me I don't think I would like the Christmas season for quite some time.

Pax--thanks. The part that looks like a book is really a train station that when the switch is flipped the train goes round and round while it plays Christmas music. Now that doesn't last all that long before I say, "I'm over that." and flip the switch to the off position. Music Box sounds are not my for-tay.

Luv to u both and have a great Christmas.

Miss Em

dc said...

Where did you go????