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Thoughts and Ideas....I'll throw a fishin' line out into the "Gray Goo-eee Matter" located somewhere in that "Bone-eee Brain House" that sits on the end of the "Broom Stick" that someone shoved up my backside on a whim so, I can try to drag one of those "fish-eee thing-eees' back out. After that I gets to toss it into this chere fryin' pan. That is, of course, if I don't swipe a "fish-eee thing-eee" out of someone-elses "fish-eee bucket" to which I'll give full credit to the someone-else that I swiped his/her "fish-eee thing-eee" out of thier "fish-eee bucket" and then toss it into this chere fryin' pan.

Language and Spellin'....I'll try to keep most of the "Gutter Talk" from gettin' into each post. Yaw'll notice that I did say "TRY". As for the other, IF I can find it in Webster's...IF NOT, get Yaw'll's "cryin' towel" ready cause Yaw'll might need it.

Laughter...Doin' my best to discover how to put it into words which is a lot harder than I thought it would be but, somewhere along the line I sure am a-hopin' that I succeed in puttin' a smile onto Yaw'll's faces.

Politics....Now that Can and Does get very opinionated and quite Heated around these parts. So, the "Gutter Talk" may rear its ugly head more than once. If, Yaw'll don't want to see it at those times then cover Yaw'll's eyes cause I don't provide "Eye Wash". Times are tuff--don't Yaw'll know.

Religion....I've got mine .. so my opinion is mine. Yaw'll got yours .. so Yaw'll's opinion is Yaw'lls. I may give my opinion. Yaw'll may comment back according to Yaw'll's opinion. BUT, we won't be a-chingin' each other's opinion, now will we.

So Yaw'll come on in, sit it down and puts Yaw'll's feet up and see if Yaw'll might find somthin' that'll catch Yaw'll's intrest for awhile. Yaw'll be sure to leave me a comment so I'll know how my "fish-eee thing-eees" are a-cookin' in this chere fryin' pan.

I hears ya, .. I HEARS YA. Damn, my bird sa squawkin', and I needs my cup of Hot Tea with it "little ole splash" of Bourbon to help take the chill off.

So .. Yaw'll come on back and see what I pulled out of my "fish-eee bucket" .... Yaw'll hear.

Miss Em
aka .. Me.


Sunday, March 11, 2018


(Edited: Saturday ...17 March 2018 ...07:18)
Sunday ... 11 March 2018 ... 11:30

Yea ... Me ...
(Doing the ☺ 💃...)
My memory is still working...
(Well .. atleast right now it is...)
And a bit of "What the hell..take the plunge and just do it". And I did.
(☺ 💃 ... ☺ 💃 )

I've edited "blogs I follow' without losing the ones I actually wanted to keep that were still publishing and adding a new one.

The new one comes from a person I've been talking to for some time on Facebook. 

I've learned a few things from him which has given me insight into somethings that I rarely say anything about. Things about family that I really do care about but don't have anything or anyway to do or help them with it. 

Things that would have helped me when my first husband and I were trying to make a marriage work for 11 years. Things that made him act and react the way he did. Things that he couldn't or wouldn't talk about. Things that a young civilian female never had an inkling of an idea that they happened to him while he was in Vietnam. 
Things that cost him and me more than we both realized at that time and wouldn't for a long, long time.

So..I step back and watch and wait just in case I can be of help ti my family member. 
It's not easy being the one whose waiting for the combat boots to drop and an old "hell" to rear its ugly head. No. Not easy at all.

So ... I'll listen to those who walked those paths and learn what I can to be able to hold out my hand and yell "Grab on" and then hang on for dear life...

That's what my friend is helping me to do....

Learn what needs to be learned
and hopefully how to use it.

Go on over to and see if you discover for yourself if there is something to learn or remember.


(Edited: Saturday 17 March 2018)

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Once more ... Into the relm of my grey goo!

Thursday 08 March 2018...

It's been awhile ..
Bet there aren't that many people out there that are still intrested in what I have to say.
That's okay. Some days I'm not that interested in what I've got to say either.
Been busy on facebook (FB) lately. Made a few friends that I enjoy talking to and they seem to enjoy talking to me too.
Most of them I will probably never meet in person and that's okay too.
It's like having pen-pals all over the world but you don't have to wait for the mail man to bring you their news.
Now one of those friends is starting a blog.  I will be reading what he has to say.
Maybe, it will help me to understand somethings a whole lot better. Gosh...I really do hope so.

That's it for now.
Hugs to ALL.


One Green-eyed Monster

Saturday ... 10 March 2018 ... 00:15 
Its here. 
So I might as well say something. 
I know its about as dumb as it can get. But, it still something that I can't stop even when I try as hard I can. 
Because, being envious of those who seem to be able to go to sleep without any problems seem to make me a little bit jealous. 

Now ... here I sit wondering if I go to bed I'll actually be able to go to sleep or will I get to count the pinpoints of lights dancing inside my closed eyelids.
Some days it just doesn't pay to crawl out from under my warm covers.

Later... 00:33

Friday, March 09, 2018

When dumb becomes an all night keyboard.

Friday ... 09 March 2018 ...

I'm up and moving and the clock is reading 18:47. (6:47p) Going to bed at 08:15 (8:15a) after staying up all night is not exactly the dumbest things I've done but when I do them it sure seems that way.

Have you ever sat and wondered why at times we think that was dumb and other times we think that was really stupid?

Have you ever wondered why we were suppose to do either? 

You know, we did have a choice. 

Somewhere along our way to the point of no return there was a chance to say, "nope...not going there." That is if you were smart enough to recognize that small handle of "being smart" to grab on and not let what's happening to drag you off. 
Guess I missed the "smart handle" last night and my best intentions weren't strong enough to hang onto that "smart handle" .

I did get up at 14:18 (2:18p) mainly because Mother Nature can not be ignored and if you do...you'll not only be "really stupid" but now you've got a mess to clean up.
After answering Her call, I wondered around the house thinking I need to stay up and get somethings done that I should have already gotten done. Well, if you've read this you know how those thoughts were so very well ignored.

Now, I'm going to stop tapping on this keyboard and pick up my fork and eat my dinner of pasta with venison spaghetti sauce that I've been ignoring so I could talk to you.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

How to get unbored.

Have you ever been so bored that you stare at the screen and not see what you are looking at?
Have you ever been so bored that you can't think of why you are staring at the screen?

My thought exactly.

Then I began to wonder what would it take to get rid of boredom.
Then the light bulb went "Bing" because the brightness from that idea that just popped into my stagnated brain housing flicked its switch.

POP CORN !!!!!!

 Charging down the hallway stopping only long enough to ask "BB" if he wanted any which his reply was "No" and straight into the kitchen.
Grabbed the canister of pop corn kernels and the "hot air" popper then its just a matter of what bowl to use before the pop corn starts popping.

Tripping happily back down the hallway with my bordom fighting ammo I will once again place myself in front of this screen and hopefully be able to work my way thru stupidity and moron-ness( I hope that won't be a made up word).

Ain't life grand!

See y'all on the flip side!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Have you ever straightened up and felt a vertebrae slide just a smig-git out of alignment ?

It's NOT (gasp, moaning like a lost ghost, grunting like an old hog on trying to stand up ....  gasp, gasp) a pleas(heeeeeeee)ant feeling !!  AHHHHHHHHH DAMNNNNNN !!!!!

Right now I'm stretched out on my bed waiting for the 2 aleve to start doing their job....pain relief. ( oh, YESSSS PLEASE )
I wonder if a shot of "BB's"  'shine would have worked quicker ? 
Well at least I won't have a pounding headache tomorrow.

Now, where did I put the heating pad ?
Damn! Now,  I've got to move AGAin.

I'll talk to y'all later cause I'm going to try and get this sucker to slide back where it belongs.  Maybe?

See y'all on the flip side.

Sunday, June 07, 2015


It mind boggling!

I go into my bedroom, leaving the door open and the lights are on. I have pillows stacked about a foot from the head of the bed so when I go belly down my chest is lying across them and my arm pits are just pass the pillows. 

Got the picture so far. 

Now, one of 4 things will be will be in front of my face during this time of relaxation...

1. A book that I am finding to be of great interest.

2. My tablet hooked up to WiFi and being used to cruise the "cloud" in order to catch up on what the few blogs I follow are saying or whatever I am finding that's interesting.

3. I have several games on the tablet and c-phone that I've been known to indulge in when I'm bored.

4. My c-phone because I'm texting or doing a "reach out and touch" someone.

Now, when "Best Bud" next sees me in the kitchen getting something to drink (or stuff my face with) the first words out of his mouth is "Damn, I thought you were sleeping!". 

I guess I just don't make enough noise when I'm reading, c-phone.." Roat", texting or playing games. 

Welp, I dug out one of my "thinking" CD's and set it up to play on my radio/player. I hope that will be enough noise for him so he won't think I'm sleeping.

Damn. Just damn. Now I got more noise than I wanted in my quiet time. Guess I can't win for losing.

O-kay. That's enough of that so I'll see y'all on the flip side. ( I'm smiling now. Really! I AM.)


Wednesday, June 03, 2015



 As you can tell I've started to post on my blog again. Its not something that I had planned on doing anytime soon but...I guess I've been bored long enough. I don't know if I'll have a whole lot to say or even if it will be interesting. Any way I'll give it my best shot.

I'm working off of an Acer tablet which I still haven't learned all the ins or outs of it but I guess I will now.
My biggest problem is that there isn't a manuel for me to pick up and discover what I've been doing wrong. Guess the " Powers that be " expect you to already know what you are doing with the operating system.  All I can say is... I ain't one of them.

I've been trying to import pictures from my phone to the tablet but....    no luck yet.  I missing some steps here and the "FOG" isn't lifting and now I'm frustrated. (Stomping in circles with lots of bad words)

Guess I'll mosey  on over to amazon.com and see what they are offering in the how to books. 
Wish me luck.

See you on the flip side!