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Sunday, March 11, 2018


(Edited: Saturday ...17 March 2018 ...07:18)
Sunday ... 11 March 2018 ... 11:30

Yea ... Me ...
(Doing the ☺ 💃...)
My memory is still working...
(Well .. atleast right now it is...)
And a bit of "What the hell..take the plunge and just do it". And I did.
(☺ 💃 ... ☺ 💃 )

I've edited "blogs I follow' without losing the ones I actually wanted to keep that were still publishing and adding a new one.

The new one comes from a person I've been talking to for some time on Facebook. 

I've learned a few things from him which has given me insight into somethings that I rarely say anything about. Things about family that I really do care about but don't have anything or anyway to do or help them with it. 

Things that would have helped me when my first husband and I were trying to make a marriage work for 11 years. Things that made him act and react the way he did. Things that he couldn't or wouldn't talk about. Things that a young civilian female never had an inkling of an idea that they happened to him while he was in Vietnam. 
Things that cost him and me more than we both realized at that time and wouldn't for a long, long time.

So..I step back and watch and wait just in case I can be of help ti my family member. 
It's not easy being the one whose waiting for the combat boots to drop and an old "hell" to rear its ugly head. No. Not easy at all.

So ... I'll listen to those who walked those paths and learn what I can to be able to hold out my hand and yell "Grab on" and then hang on for dear life...

That's what my friend is helping me to do....

Learn what needs to be learned
and hopefully how to use it.

Go on over to and see if you discover for yourself if there is something to learn or remember.


(Edited: Saturday 17 March 2018)

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Coffeypot said...

Hon, if you want someone to go over, tell hem the blog name and put a link so they can go. I put the link in the comments on your last post.

You're welcome.