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Friday, March 30, 2018

A day of errands and cooking...

Saturday...31 March 2018

Have you got your day started and you realize that you haven't got what you need to get the crockpot started.  Now it's a trip to the store and we all know what Saturday mornings at the grocery store is like, dont we ever.
And to top it all off tomorrow is Easter....and the mob is going to be planning their big family dinners with egg hunts.

Me ... It's call cook today...left overs tomorrow.
My hard boiled eggs are going to be deviled eggs.....yummy

So, it's time to grab my keys .. Phone .. Wallet .. Slip on my shoes .. And go trudging through the store aisles...

Whop-pee ....

I'd really rather be fishing.


Coffeypot said...

Saterday nights are game night here in the Coffeypot Casa. Friends and family come in to play all sorts of games. Cards, role playing, board games, etc. And we eat good. Tonight we are having our Easter dinner with the gang, with leftovers on Sunday. Hope you are feeling better for Easter.

Miss Em said...

John Coffey...

Felt good enough to do a nice piece of roast beef. It turned out very nice.

"BB" went fishing in Alabama with his boss. He got back around 22:00 which is about 20 minutes ago. And now is in his room probably on his computer before going to bed.

Now I'm stuffing my face with air popped organic pop corn. And once that's done then I'll soon head for bed also.

I hope your Easter was a good one for you and yours.
Did you help hide the eggs at Church for the wee ones to find.?
Don't try to lie because I know you would have enjoyed it as much as you enjoyed watching to wee ones trying to find them.

Take care and good nite.