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Saturday, November 05, 2011

DOB Extractor

Can you tell what I got for my birthday ?         
Yep, the date on the picture is the day that Mom celebrated the coming of her newest and only baby girl at that time
So, I celebrated by giving myself a new weapon of extraction
Here, I'm trying to show B-B that I can at least put the bullets in the paper. 
 I really did manage to get it into the black several times and a couple of times in the red before the practice session was done. 
 Don't ask me how because I was as surprised as B-B was when it happened after only 1/2 box of 550 rounds.

You think that I should do more practicing?   
 So do I. 
Next fishing trip to the swamp.

Oh B-B agrees with me, "if the dumb-ass is stupid enough to get with in 20 ft then the dumb-ass will find out that I can make his world hurt"...

10 times before I drop out that clip and slam in another with 10 more hurts.

I'll be takin a few more pic's of the "DOB Extractor" and all of its New Additions so ya'll can see I will be doing a lot more of this type of "Banging in the Woods" in my old age than the other type of "Banging in the Woods" that was done in my younger days.  

Now that may have been just T-M-I . 
Oh well.
If you never tried it .....
at least it was fun
under the sun
or by starlight.

Ya'll have a wonderful day and be sure to do things that make you happy.

Love to all
Miss Em

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