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Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Toast and the Jam's in the bank

It's Toast.
YEAH!!!!   YEAH!!!!

"Best Bud's" house that he was renting is finally finished.  We completed it Saturday as we did the last of the rug backing out the front door.
Loaded the truck and left the Keys at the office as the manager requested.
They did a walk thru on Tuesday.
Wednesday they gave him a letter of completion saying that he had complied with the move-out part of the lease.
Yesterday he picked up the "Jam" and later came dancin thru the door wavin it in his hands.

I already made my request that if he doesn't have to work Sunday I want to take a day's break and go fishing out at the pond.  "B-B" thought that that was a good idea, too.  Alto he did say that the bass may not be biting because the water may still be to cold for a lot of activity.
I don't care if I catch any bass or not because all I really want to do is a  "complete recharging"  of my "gray-goo-eee" stuff away from the city and all the crap that I am now looking at that has Got to be done.
The only thing that does that is sitting beside the pond in the woods and listening to the wind in the leaves, watching the big blue heron fly over headed to the shallow end for lunch and of course just watching the clouds if any glide by in their many shapes.
But if I get tired of all the above there is always changing the cork and hook for a lure and play "where are you hiding today?" as I do a whole bunch of casting and reeling back in and casting it out again.

I need a really good recharging before the tearing apart of the dining and living room then slowly putting it back together.


Sunday is suppose to [???] be in the high 50's maybe [fingers crossed] even the low 60's. 
Big deep breath, long-long suffering sigh  ..  ;~(

Miss Em

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Coffeypot said...

Today is beautiful and I hope you caught a basket full of recharging.