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I hears ya, .. I HEARS YA. Damn, my bird sa squawkin', and I needs my cup of Hot Tea with it "little ole splash" of Bourbon to help take the chill off.

So .. Yaw'll come on back and see what I pulled out of my "fish-eee bucket" .... Yaw'll hear.

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Monday, February 14, 2011


Didn't go Fishin Sunday, we went Saturday afternoon after 2p.  Stayed out at the pond until well after 8p.
Late Janurary I re-lined all my reels and moved them around onto my different sized poles. 
BOY!!!   OH BOY!!!
What a difference in the distance that I can cast now.  Both of the reels/poles were throwing the lines out 2--3 times the distance than what I was getting before.    YES.!!!     Fishing is definitely going to be more fun when I can get to more areas than before.

As for ... "Any fish in the frying pan?"   Naw, the fish decided to stay near the bottom and try to enjoy the warmer water there.  They also weren't interested in the minows that we kept trying to drown either. 
We will be trying to catch diner later tho.  I've decided to bring a 5-gal. bucket next time with a "fish holder" [like you use on the barb-bee-cue] along with some spices to season our fresh diner then put it over the fire that we will start as soon as we manage to get one the right size.  Let's see ... don't forget the plate to put it on and a paper towel or two, the bottle of white wine for me and a couple of beers for 'B-B' then maybe desert.  We won't need no forks because the Maker gave me and 'B-B'  a set of fine pickers attached to the end of our arms.

There was lots of blue sky, warm temps. and a slight breeze and plenty of birds to serenade us. But, the best time was near dusk when we built a small fire near the water, kicked back in our chairs and picked out the stars that we recognized, watched the blinking aircraft light being relfected off the still water of the pond. 
Then there was the company.  Laughing and telling stories of our past about what we shouldn't have been doing and how we didn't get caught doing it.  Making coffee in a skillet and wishing I had marshmellows, chocolate and gram-crackers.
ALL in ALL it was a great time to recharge the battery.

Now its the 'pink bunny' time and getting the last of my condo repair finished.

Miss Em


Wrexie said...

So you got 'skunked' fishin' too, huh? SO did we. NO fish were biting. ...but it was a georgeous day and we had fun.

Paxford said...

sounds to have been the best of days - you and the B.B and nature.



Anonymous said...
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Miss Em said...

Wrexie..where do you do your fishing? Ours is on a hunting lease in Bartow County, Ga. Oh and getting "skunked" is not that bad when you've got a great day and good company.

Pax..Yep it sure was. Would have loved to have had YOU along to share it with.

Annon 15/2/11 11:14..don't know how u manage to show up on my comments without showing up on the page until one hits "post a comment" but your 'boycott American women' needs to go on YOUR blog page not mine.