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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Paddy's Day...My Way

Hello Everyone and Happy St. Paddy's Day.  [That reminds me I need to call my Best Bud and wish him a Happy Day of Birth.  NO, there is NOT a drop of Irish in his blood that he knows of, yet.  But he sure likes the 'Green' colored beer.]

I personnally don't go out and party on this Day AND by the time I get done working all of the Paddy Day Parades are over and long gone.  I do however listen to some good old Irish ballards as I sit and sip some very fine Irish Whiskey. 
So let me show you some of the Green that I dream about being able to just float by or just plain like having around me.
No, that's not me but everytime I look at the picture I will say, "someday".   Peaceful isn't it.  Oh, that person is doing what I enjoy when I get the chance...Fishing for dinner.

Today, I noticed that this is starting to leaf out from its brown twigs.  Soon the Green will be full just like in this picture and be smothered in purple blooms which makes one smile and desire to become totally engrossed in its beauty. 

And finially,  the one that I love the best even if the object that is holding the 'Place of Honor' is not Green.. 

Hope everybody enjoyed my touch of Green.
May everyone lift a glass of the brew with these words leaving there lips before they begin to sip.

"May the breezes blow trouble from your path, may the sun warmth be on your back and may hell be closed the day you pass."

 Have Fun and

Yaw'll come on back once you get past the aching head and bleary eye....Ch-ear.  Miss Em


Coffeypot said...

Went to a neighborhood bar tonight and had a plate of Sheppard's Pie, a Guenniss and a glass of tea. Yum, yum! I did have on my Irish Tux.

Miss Em said...

Glad you had fun.

For me...a nice helping of Homemade Speghetti Sauce w/Angle Hair Pasta One glass of Barefoot Pinot and then it was time for...
My Irish Whiskey which was smooth and Warming AND I didn't have to crawl to the bedroom either. ;~)

Miss Em