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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Me Bad....

For everyone out there take note.... an "ink-squirting" squid is a Submariner.  You know the guys [and soon to be gals] that go under the water and shoot torpedoes at other "Boats". 

"Boats"....I think that might actually be known by some as 'Ships'.  Hey, for a Gal who has the Marine Corps in her heart they're "Boats" in a   V E R Y   large bath-tub.    ;~}  (SMILES...snickers)

Now, when your refer to him as an "Old Tin-Can Salt" that is 'Coffeypot'.  I think that would be because he was on the "Boat" [Ship] that is pictured on his blogsite at the very top.  If I'm not mistaken I believe that's a 'Destroyer'...aka..."Tin Can".  If I'm wrong then 'Coffeypot' will set us all on the striaight and narrow gang plank when he swaggers onto OJD hopefully without eye-patch and a very large cutlass.

Don't know about the "Tar in the hair" bit because as you saw when you look at the picture of him, he was wearing a cap.  {wonder if there's any hair under that cap?} 
Or about how the large piece of material that is part of the collar on the back of the sailors uniform.  Navy history....guess I should bone-up on some of it before to long.

So watch for the "Sea-me-four" Flags...you know the ones that are hauled up a line on the top of a boat/ship that are used to send messages to other boats/ships....that he will be waving since he won't be doing any "ink-squirting". 
[well, I do know what they are just couldn't find the blasted word in the dicitonary. Note to self...get bigger dicitionary.]

Well folks, 'Coffeypot' [aka.."Daddy" of this blog] hasn't made his debut but I already know he's somewhere around here in the 'House of OJD'.

Yaw'll come on back and discover if the 'Coffeypot' finially makes his splash.   Ch-ear.  Miss EM


Coffeypot said...

Again, corrections. Boats go on ships except for subs. They are still called Boats. And I watched a 10 hour special on an Aircraft Carrier and the cruse she was on and her crew call her a Boat. First time I have heard about that.

Yes, that is my old ship, the USS Frank E. Evans (DD754) - DD is the designation for a destroyer. She was cut in half about 03:00, 3 June, 1969, when the HMAS Melborn (an Australian Aircraft Carrier) cut her in half and the front half went down in 3 min. with 74 killed. Only on body was recoverd and he was burnt almost beyond recognition.

The pieces of fabric that is run up the lines to display signals or ship identification are called flags or pennants. The flags are the alphabet and the pennants are for certain activities. The semaphore are a pair of flags held in the hand of a signalman (no longer a rate in the Navy) where information was transferred by spelling out the words.

And we don’t use the gang plank anymore. We just beat the shit out of a dude and throw him overboard - at night, during darken ship (no outside lights).

But you are trying. It will take some time to get you out of the Marine mindset into something other than knuckle dragging.

Miss Em said...

Thank you for the Navy history lesson. I am always willing to learn things. Some stick..Some don't.

Well I was right on the 'Tin-can'. I am sorry to hear about the Naval accident and all the sailors who died. I may be years late but I will still light a candle and say prayers for those men.

Flags and pennants...Well you can say I am trying...{very trying}...deep breath...big sigh.

'beat the shit out of the dude and throw him overboard - at night, during darken ship'
when do you yell man overboard??? An inquiring mind wants to know. Maybe?? {small squeezy voice that has running shoes on}

"get me out of the Marine mindset into something other than knuckle dragging"
But I LIKE knuckle dragging. REALLY, I do.
{smiles and snickers}

Miss Em