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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coffeypot...accepted invite to OJD

That's him.
An old "Tin-can Salt".
An instigator of new bloggers.

The one who got this blog started by dropping the gauntlet down on the Waffle House table right by my Hot Tea cup when he said the words, "Why don't you have your own blog?" 

The one who has referred to me as his "favorite Lurker" a couple of days later on his own blog while he was letting his readers know that I was really thinking about starting my own blog and to keep and eye out for it.   I wonder if he tells that to all the Ladies that he gives that come hither smile to from across a table. 

I found him by clicking on his 'handle' on a comment page [after seeing it on a couple of those pages that I was bouncing around on]  and followed his profile back to his 'about me' page.  And then after reading what was there I then clicked onto his blog's name and have been following him on his blog....http://johnjudyc.blogspot.com/  .....ever since.  

He has been there when I yelled help and has always tried to get to me the info I needed.  No, I'm not disc-ing him but my abilities and tech-type of understanding means that I'm still trying to figure out a few things to get that "help" to work right.  {If you scroll down to the post "New Item in Side Bar" you will discover what has been gifted to me.}

So this evening I tossed the gauntlet back across the table and thumped him right on the end of his nose by inviting this land-locked "Ink-Squirting Squid" to write a few words when the seas are high and the wind is a blowin' here on OJD.  And yes, I do know what a "Squid" is because my first husband was a "Squid".  {Some stories for much, much later.}

The only thing I hope he leaves intact are the floor, walls and of course the ceiling with out the grape jelly and peanut butter smears.  {3 boys, a set of bunk-beds, and lunch in the bedroom...another story for later}

The reason I say this is because this "Old Tin-can Salt" can get a bit Salty so beware that if you don't like a lot of Salt then the best thing to do is just skip that posting.  If you do like Salt, then enjoy and be sure to send your friend by to get their own dose of Salt for the day.

So grab the mouse next to that cup and let the Coffeypot make the day feel brighter.  Well at least the sun will be out....hopefully.

Geesh! I just thought of this...Coffeypot is this blog's "Daddy". 

OH JUST DAMN !!!!!  I'm in trouble because "Daddy" is now in the "House".


Yaw'll come on back and see what kind of trouble the two of us can stir up.  Ch-ear.  Miss Em


Anonymous said...

You need to remove the www from his blog address. FYI.

Miss Em said...

Cactus Mark...thank you. Task completed.

Damn, I need to go get that book "Blogging for Dummies". That might just help me from making these simple mistakes.

Thanks again.
Miss Em

Coffeypot said...

hello! I'm kinda afraid to comment after that intro. A 'squid', by the way, is a submariner. I (we) killed subs. Surface types are call 'salts' or 'tars'. 'Tars' because back in the old sailing days, the ships would be at sea for many months or even years without ever seeing a port other than islands for water and game. So the hair would grow long and the wind would whip it about. The aggravated sailor would put his hair in a ponytail. But that didn't hold too well either, so he would put tar on the hair to hold it in place. Why someone didn't just get a knife and cut the damn thing off is beyond me - except it was a proud status symbol. Also, to keep the tar from rubbing on his probably one and only shirt, he would tied a piece of cloth around his neck so that the tar wouldn’t get on it - thus the flap on the Navy uniform.

What? Okay! I'll shut the fuck up.


Anonymous said...

You're doing great, Doll!

I visit often but don't comment much so don't think your blog is being ignored.

Miss Em said...


Gosh with words like that I think I might faint from all the pressure that is making my head swell. ;~)

Thanks Cactus Mark. I know I get more visits than comments just so long as some one is reading this besides me is fine by me. Altho, I would like to know how many are stopping by...guess a site meter would help.