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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Beginnings of Puppy Sitting

Its Friday the 5th of March which began when the alarm clock went off at 7a. for the beginning of Puppy Sitting Weekend.

I've been busy with the feeding and watering my two animals, {w}Hoo-Tat and Doodlebug {Cockatiel}.  I will be back tomorrow to put out fresh food for {w}Hoo-Tat and check on "Doodle".  Got to remember to leave the radio on at a very low volume and on a timer so it turns on about 8:30a and off about 8:30p same time as 'Doodle's' special light.  That way there is some symbolism that life is normal even if I'm not there.

I'm finding the last of the bathroom items that I'm taking with me. I don't really need much.  My special hair towel, that really very soft bath sheet that I just love to use, my hair products and of course my hair dryer.  Go to the closet grab a lounging dress, a night gown, something to wear to the grocery store.  Over to the undies and don't forget a pair of socks for the things at the end of your legs that are usually called 'Ice Cubes' otherwise know as feet.  Now that's done and the backpack is zipped and ready to go out to the car. 

Oh, can't forget my pillow.  Have you ever gone to visit relatives and not taken YOUR pillow?  Then when you are lying in bed, you begin to wonder why you can't seem to get to sleep in that strange bed that you are now doing you best to use before the sun rises or the alarm clock begins to make its noise.  Next time take your pillow.  The scent of home is in it and that will help to alieve some of your difficulities of trying to sleep in a strange bed. 
Must NOT forget to pack up the Phone and Blue Tooth Chargers. Forgot the chargers the last time I was puppy sitting had to run the car for a while in order to charge the phone for the last night I was at that location.  [Lesson Learned.]

I grabbed my book that I usually only read during lunch and of course the Special Afghan and yarn that I'm still working on.  Figured to get some work done on it while I idle away a few hours Saturday afternoon with my feet up.  Need to get it finished.  Got Special plans for it.

I'm starting to dig out of the fridge the roast turkey breast that I cooked Wednesday for this weekend, a few eggs, 2 large potatoes and a few veggies for not only the potatoes but the sandwiches also.  Throw in the drink mix container and a 1qt drink bottle.  Get the loaf of bread and the shredded cheese.  Should have packed this up in the box last night and left it all in the fridge.  Live and Learn.

Everything that's going is in the car. 
Fill-up {w}Hoo-Tats sandbox in the garage with some more kitty sand and empty out the used sand catcher.  She's spoiled....electrically emptying sand box.  Just have to remember to keep the kitty sand in it. 

Now all I got to do is get in the car...put the garage door down...write the mileage down... and try to think of what I may have forgotten.  Oh well, I'll get it tomorrow.  [And this is only a 2 - 1/2 day stay.  If I was going some where longer I think it would be just about the same except for maybe an extra set of undies.]

I'm off and away.  Next stop Gracie's place and 2-1/2 days of doing very little to nothing.   Yea!!!

The view from the Den Door from just above where I parked my car.  Lovely isn't it?  Looks even better when the grass is in its deep green color and all the flowers are a bloom.  Yes, that is the Chatahooche River in the back ground.  [And yes the water got to be 8'10" during the September 2010 flood.  It lacked 2" from getting into the living area that starts on the second story.]
I was greeted by this Love Lady.  Her name is Gracie.  She is close to 8 years old.  I've known her since she was 12 weeks old.  She is a very loving especially when you have her treet jar in your hands.

Right now she is in her "Mom left me." funk.
I  had a note telling me she was off her feed all Thursday. 
[Of course, that's when the suitcases came out and "Mom" started to pack.  Gracie may be a dog but she not stupid.  Suitcase ='s going somewhere. Her travel collar is not on top of the suitcase either which ='s Gracie is staying home.] 
Well I know how to get her out of that "Funk" it's called a slice of diced Turkey mixed into her dry food along with a touch of broth from heating it up in the Microwave.  Yep, that did it.  Foods all gone from the morning feed.

I got a call during the afternoon from the Sweetwater Valley Condo's Association's Secretary reminding me that we [her and I] have a job scheduled for Saturday.  Told her to give me a call around 9a to make certain that I am up and moving and getting myself headed in that direction.  Damn.  There goes my leisurely weekend.  Well I still have the evening and Gracie need some ball playing so I'm headed for the door to find out where she has hidden her balls.
An hour later.
Wow, my arm is tired from throwing those balls but she's a happy puppy.  And, my toes are smarting from giving it several kicks when I was resting the arm.  Guess I'll hit the asprins bottle to make the pain go away for the night.

Well its almost time for diner for both Gracie and me. After diner, I think I will work on my Special Afgan while Gracie snoozes and I watch a little bit of TV before bed. 

Tomorrow is another day that I'm really am not looking forward to experiencing.
Yaw'll stay tuned for the Backbreaking adventures of Saturday. Ch-ear.      Miss Em


Coffeypot said...

Seems to me that you need to rent a U-Haul when you go someplace. I like being a man. Shorts, tshirt, skivvies, phone and laptop. Ready to go.

Miss Em said...

I had a small cooler. One back pack and one small tote for the book and Afgahn w/1 skein of yarn and hook. And of course my pillow.

Now if I'm going out of town...U-haul time.

Miss Em.