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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Get rid of the "Rot"

It's time for the "People" of this Country to make certain that the "Rot" is gotten out of our "Houses" .

Sunday, 21st of March in the year of 2010, has shown EVERY person in this Country just what the 'people' that have been elected to those TWO "Houses" think of the Constitution of the United States .

"We, the People" have been screeming NO to the "health care bill" because "We, the People" have read it and understood just what it ment. 
"We, the People" have been looking at how the "goverment" has been giving orders on how the VA Medicial system is to being run for our most precious resourse...our Warriors. 
"We, the People" have watched how 'they'  have been chosing the VA 'directors'
"We, the People" have been watching how those 'directors' have been chosing the way that each VA Medicial system has been operated. 
"We, the People" have seen how 'the directors' do NOTHING when the discovery of bad, indifferent and/or uncaring personnel have been brought to 'the director's' attention.  
"We, the People" have not only been watching but have been demanding that something needs to be done to make it better for our Warriors....Little or Nothing has been our answer.
"We, the People" have been watching how the 'goverment' has been operating Medicare/Medicade systems.  It is now quickly becoming apparent to 
"We, the People"  who are keeping track that  the 'directors' for these 'medicial systems'  have begun to claim that these 'medicial systems'  NO longer have enough money to run its daily operations.  Medicare/Medicade systems are losing Doctors on a daily basis because the Doctors not only aren't getting paid when promised but are drowning in paper work, in tripletcate, in order to get their Patient treated.  
"We, the People" have been telling our "Representatives"  in both "Houses" to fix these 'medical systems' for the last 50 years...and...
"We, the People" are still waiting.
Take a good look at what has been done and that includes getting on your knees and lifting the fancy covers in order to see what's under them..."Bribes, Pay-back, and Greased Palms".
The "health care" of "We, the People" in this Country was NEVER  ment to be controled by the "goverment" but by the Person receiving that health care from that Person's choice of Doctor[s].

Get up !!

Get moving !!

Start the process in finding the Men or Women who believe in what the "Constitution of the United States" means and who have and are Honoring those beliefs. 

Convince them that we still need them in the fight for our FREEDOM.

"People",  whether you want to believe it or not..."We the People" are NOW in a fight for OUR VERY FREEDOM  that our Founding Fathers fought for...and some even died for...in order to give these freedoms to their Children and to the Generations to come.

Miss Em


Coffeypot said...

Good post and well said, Miss Em.

Miss Em said...

Coffeypot...Thank you.