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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Can we make this happen...Article V Convention ?????

"statusquobuster said...
Actually the language in Article V preempts a total rewrite of the Constitution, but various amendments could be discussed and proposed, but still require ratification by 3/4 of the states, a real safety net. More importantly, there have been a sufficient number of state applications (over 700 from all 50 states), but Congress refused to obey the Constitution!!! What they fear WE need. Learn all the facts at foavc.org and become a member of the nonpartisan Friends of the Article V Convention." 


This comment comes directly from Colonel Thomas E. {Ed} Greory, USMC {Ret} owner of ... 


I hope that the Colonel and "statusquobuster" don't mind that I am using this so I can pass on the 'info' from both the post and the comment sector.  If they do, then I guess they will definitely let me know in NO uncertain terms.

After reading it, I went over to the "foavc.org" site and skimmed through it. 
Therefore, I can NOT recommend it to you because I haven't had the time need to be able to dig through it a bit deeper in order to discover if it's "good" or "bad" but I can say that if you want to "feel Froggy and jump all over it then don't let me stop you". 

What doesn't surprise me is that the "Houses" run by the Demo's is refusing to acknowledge the "State's" ...all 50 of them...request for an 'Article V Constitutional Convention'. 
You would think that these "Reps" would at least acknowledge that they recieved the requests and are looking into it. 



I used the word think in speaking about Demo's.

If you think that these "Commies/hopeful Dictators" want to give up their power....well...{long pause}...it would be a better idea to buy the "Brooklyn Bridge" or maybe that "Swamp Land just South of New Orleans". 

Like I said before ... "Time to GET RID of the Rot" and this coming November is a good time to start.

Yaw'll come back...Ch-ear.   Miss Em


Coffeypot said...

I'll be doing my part. It amazes me how people (mostly poor and/or uneducated) blindly follow the people of wealth and power who get more wealthy and powerful off of them. Fucking Idiots!

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of mixed messages on that site.

Miss Em said...

Coffeypot...I will be making certain that my voter's card is up to date and ready for use. I may fall in the poor class but the political BS doesn't stick in fact it usually makes me snort, lower my head and show my "Bitch Horns".

Cactus Mark..."A lot of mixed messages...guess that will mean that we must be intelligent enough to know what is "shee-eit" and what is Not. Wonder if that's why many of the under/non-educated are NOT on that site. When you can't comprehend what you are reading and then don't ask questions...you qualify as a F**king Idot.