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Friday, April 02, 2010

Coffeypot's Prayer.....My Question ???

coffeypot: http://johnjudyc.blogspot.com/

"'Dear Lord,
Lest I continue
My complacent way,
Help me to remember that somewhere,
Somehow out there
A man died for me today.
As long as there be war,
I then must
Ask and answer
Am I worth dying for?'"

I got this off of coffepot's site not to long ago.  It has made me sit and think for a long time in fact I have a feeling that my "Gray-goo" is trying to melt into a sloshing mass of "Gray-ick" and I keep smelling[?] some of the gears burning or at least the grease that was packed around them. 

So I have asked myself......

"What is there about me that a Warrior would be willing to fight and die so I may live safely in peace and freedom?"

I'm still wondering about how I should answer that question. 

I'm nothing really special...5'2" overfed-female who has some rather jiggly places.  Someone who [in her own opinion] hasn't done much with her life because she never found out what she wanted to be or do.  Someone who keeps plodding along and wonders if I'm actually going somewhere.  And, even more important will I recogonize the place when I get there?"

My "Gray-goo" knows that this Warrior will not fight and die for me but for the Warrior next to him because that's the way it is on a battlefield.  You do everything you can to keep your 'Buddy' alive and he does the same for you.  It has been that way from the beginning of the time of "Wars" and it continues into the daily life of "Today's Warriors" and forward to the "Warriors of the Future".

The Warrior willingly gives his/her life for a Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Wife and his/her Children.  A Warrior may even be willingly to give his/her life for a few Friends.  Because all of this is what a Warrior is willing to fight and die to keep safe from harm for all of this represents his/hers HOME.

But ...... a complete stranger
One that doesn't even know the Warrior's name. 
One that the Warrior wonders if that stranger ??would care?? if he fought and died on a battlefield far from family and home. 
A stranger who ??might?? weep for him/her. 
A stranger who ??might?? say a prayer for him/her as he/she is laid to "Finial Rest".

So I have asked myself everyday since I read that Prayer on Coffeypot's blog .....
with tears in my eyes ......
and searching of my heart and soul for the answer to ....

"What makes me so "special" that a Warrior would be willing to Fight and Die for me, my safety and my freedom?"

So take another read of that Prayer and ask yourself the same questions I've been asking myself. 

Miss Em


clew said...

Hey Miss Em! I got the same prayer from Coffeypot (can't remember if it was through email or the blog, but no matter ... ) I've been wanting to write a similar post to yours about it ever since. You hit the nail, lady. Well done.

(Visiting via his blogroll, obviously ~ Hi!)

Coffeypot said...

A warrior died for ‘you’ in the collective form. He died so you can enjoy the freedoms you enjoy, as we all enjoy them. His death is not in vane as long as what he was fighting for, other than his buddies, is maintained or made better. I KNOW I am not worthy of ANYONE dying for me. Jesus may be the only exception - but I wasn’t there at the time to tell him not to do it because I’m not worth it.

I think the message is, maybe we should live a better life in his/her honor. To make our life worthy of his sacrifice. Otherwise he might have died in vain.

Good post and good question, Miss Em. Wish I could answer it better. But what do I know?

clew said...

See how he is? He set that whole thing up just so he could talk some more.

;) LOL

Building on his (admittedly good) point, though - The question that is begged for me is this: What can we do as Americans, with the rest of our lives, to honor the one he sacrificed and protect the freedoms for which he did?

Have a great weekend ~~

Miss Em said...

Clew...Thank you for the nice comments and WELCOME ABOARD glad to have a few more oppinions besides my own.

Coffeypot...Already knew most of what you were saying but it's good to hear again.
Object of post was to make anyone who read it to stop and REALLY think.
And, you really can't answer this question because it only for the person asking him/herself that question to truly "soul" search for the answer within themselves.