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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Projects with NO End in Sight...The Begining

Have you ever started a simple project but it seems to take on a life of its own???

Well, Tuesday of the 3rd week of January I bought a Love seat and made arrangements to pick it up on Saturday about 1200.  That night I called my best bud with a Pick-kum-up truck and asked if he could help me out by helping me to move the Love seat over that I had just bought to my Condo on Saturday about 1200.  "Of Course" he answers.  That's when I hit him up to come over the next evening and aid me in moving the huge desk in the dining area  into the kitchen that has an empty wall [no cabinets] after we move the home-made table out of the way.  I also let him know that the hutch for the desk needed to come down out of the attic so I could put it all back together.  I won't repeat the first part of his response.   I know the 'words' very well for I have used them to discribe the idiots who cut me off in traffic. 

Come Wednesday evening he does show up with his Lady in tow and after 'Bitchin' for a few minutes we get to work.  The  tasks at hand went quite well.  In fact the tasks went so well that I was able to pick his 'gray goo-eee matter'  on some home repairs/improvements that I have been procrastinating on completing [master closet floor-vynil tiles], hanging the cockatiel's cage and moving/repairing/painting where the book shelves are now hanging on rails in the living room and that's when he asked about me helping him with a resume and a few other things.  I guess we both were needing something.  Of course, I am more than willing to help him out and do more often than he does with me that's because I usually hit him up for the big-gees and he normally asks for things that seem quite simple to me.

On Thursday evening about 1900 I begin to clean the desk/hutch in the kitchen and begin to load the new work space up.  I have a large plastic cutting board that when place on the desk will work out just fine for chopping and other things.  I could even use this new work space to kneed bread dough on because its the right height for a short person tobe able to lean into the soft dough.  At 2330 as I stand there admiring my handy-work my eyes keep going over to the home-made table top leaning against the kitchen sink cabinets and my mind starts to bounce ideas off of the interior of the  boney-brain-housing to see which one will stick.  The AH-HA moment arrives when I look back at the new work space and my minds eye see the dark stained wood standing on end behind it so it looks like a great backing.  You will now get a glimps of how my mind works.  I have a nice looking wood backing where none was before and have devised a nice storage plan for said table top until I figure out how or who needs a nice picknic-style wood plank table table top with screw in legs which are now stored on top of my small 2x4 pile hanging-out on two ladder holders in the garage just under the left side auto-garage door rail [right side has the plankings].

Friday is a half day for work so I get home about 1500 and start moving latteral file cabinets after I clear off the tops and empty the drawers before I remove them.  Then it push them all across the area rug...and that's not easy task especially when the #$%@#@! rug wants to wad-up and go with the cabinets.  After much grunting and groaning and a few more choice words they are in position and awaiting the loading of the drawers and all of the files that are sitting in the two chairs on the other side of the room.  I now have the 'on top' things/electronics ready to go back on top of the cabinets.  As soon as I step back to admire my work is when I discover that I forgot to put the power cords in place behind the cabinets.  "Oh Just Damn it all to Bloody Hell !!!"  I am standing there looking at these fully loaded latteral files cabinets and all the 'Crap-pol-la' I just got done putting on top and wondering if I can slide the 'damn things' out from the wall by 3 inches in order to have power at the other end for the new surge protector.  A half hour of choice words and lots of grunting and not a few groans,  I've now got power at the other end.  I continue just long enough to get the lap-top up and running so I can answer e-mails and get caught up on 'President of the Association' things that have come up over the last 3 days.
It's now 0dark30.  I'm pooped.  So I tell 'Doodle-bug', the cockatiel, good night turn out the lights and head for the asprin bottle and bed.

Saturday Morning...a light breakfast and it off to the living/dining room again.  Oh my aching body.
Find the Vaccumn and begin to get the cat's fur out of the area rug.  After empting the bag-less vaccumn 3 times, I think I got most of it up which tells me that spring can't be far off because the cat's shedding to much fur since the last time I vaccumn.
Best Bud shows up without his Lady so its time to move the Love seat.  He asks where I plan on putting it and I tell him that to just put it in the center of the room because I really haven't got that far with that part of the floor plan.  He laughs and says, "That typicial".  I also pointed to the table sitting in the dining area and informed him that it needs to go to its new home in the Association's Club House before we go get the sofa.
By now its just a few minutes after 1200 and we are finially on our way to deliver table and pick-up Love seat on which I got an offer of purchase before my best bud could even get in to its location to which I said 'NO' several times.
Shortly after 1245 we are back and the Love seat is sitting in my living room and the drama of the "Project" is truly just begining so yaw'll come on back for the....continuing soap-opera of ..... 'Projects with NO End in Sight'.

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