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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Projects with NO End in Sight ...con't

Lets see where did I leave off. 
Oh yes! 

The Love Seat is now in the Living room. Yea!!  And now the [deep breath and big sigh] work begins.

I am now standing looking back into the Dining Room.  I keep thinking that a small table would be perfect for that area.  I keep thinking about the Bistro set that I have on the patio and how something similar world be perfect mainly because it just me that will be sitting at it. 
My 'Best Bud' is looking at me with a slight frown and finially says, "O-kay. You've got that look in your eye so, just what the 'Hell' are you think-up for me to do now.
Me... "Want to make a trip to the Home Depot with me?"
'Best Bud' ...long pause and slight frown..."Why?"
Me ...with slight smile... "Cause I need the back of your truck.  The new Bistro set won't fit in the back of my car.  Besides, if you won't help me then I'll have to pay for a delivery charge."
Within a few minutes we are off and away to the Big Orange Box store to get the new Bistro set that is now residing in the garage in its huge shipping box.  When  I get ready to put together I will have to carry each piece in that box into the Dining area where all my tools will be waiting to complete that task .  Only one problem ..... now I need a new rug that will fit the area just under the table and 2 chairs.  If it isn't one thing it another.  That's my luck.  I'm in not big hurry so I'll take my time to look for the perfect fit in my style.  Wish me luck on that.

Oh and when 'Best Bud' went home, he had one of the nicest palms that the B-O-B had in the gardening area as a thank-you for his help.  Why a plant?  Because that's what he said he wanted for his living room so he could have something green in it.  I've got lots of Aloe waiting to be transplanted so I think I will give some to him for his living room also.  {another project waiting in the wings}

It's now around 1630 and I've not had anything to eat since early morning so, I'm off to Subway with a book for some "stuff my face" time and a bit of quite time for the gray goo-eee matter.  That will mean about an hour or two away for the disaster that is awaiting my return.  Lucky me.

Back in the living room....OH JUST  DAMN.  I already tired just looking at this disaster and now it's time to put it back together.

After dragging, shoving, pushing with lots of grunting and groaning and a few choice words, I have moved that damn Love Seat all over this living room area while pulling the area rug out from under it where it kept bunching up.  I have finially decided that it is going to sit in its now chosen spot mainly because I be Damn if I move that Damn Love Seat one more time.  Re-vacumn the rug to get all the bits and pieces along with the cat hair that has just seemed to appear without any help from me.
Now its time to bring in the Rattan Chairs and Rattan End Tables along with my Queen Anne style wing-back recliner.  So far so good.  My it starting to actually look like a nice room.  Now to unpack the tote where I put my Marine Library, a few pictures and Marine knick-knack so I could add 2 more shelves to the rails on the wall.

Off to the garage to get the special anchors/screws, the hanger, chain and hooks so the bird cage can get hung in front of the main window in the living room.  Hope the bird will like looking out at the bird feeder and the fountain this year.  Last year he got to stare out the window at the enclosed patio where nothing really happened to entertain him.  I will have to take him {and his cage} outside more often once the weather warms up because I will be doing more painting this year than last.
Then its move the huge coffee table {thank God that thing has wheels} to the side of the window by the door and then prepare it to become my new personal prayer altar.


The 2 center shelves of the book shelves just deposited all the books on them all over the floor and both shelves are now on top of the books that are on the floor.  My Leprechaun no longers has a head and one of its arms is no longer where it should be. This saddens me because I made this when I lived in Seattle back in 1985 while I was doing Ceramics.  Well at least those 2 parts didn't shatter so I will set that aside for later because it can be repaired.  The picture of my  2 Marines that I supported while they were in the 'Sandbox' is not harmed.  Guess that Marine Frame was stronger than I thought it was when I bought it.
O-Kay.  It's pick-up the books and shelving boards and sit them off to the side.  Get hammer move ladder from under the bird cage over to the shelf area and pound the brackets into the rails again.  Move ladder.  Now lets try that again.
One hour later it all comes down, again.  Put books in tote.  Stand shelve on end under where they should be hanging.  Stare at wall for new game plan.  Nothing.  Not even a glimmer of a thought.  Look at clock.  It's now 1930 and I exhausted.  Move the recliner back into it spot.

Welp, I think I deserve a bowl of Ice Cream while I sit in my recliner and watch the news and weather report for tomorrow and continue to contemplate what I'm going to have to do with those book shelves.
"The New Game Plan" for the Project with NO End in Sight. 
Where's that pad of paper and pencil ????
Now let's see how this will go -----
Take down rails patch holes in wall. 
Repaint wall. 
Oh!  Put bird in garage so he doesn't die from the paint fumes.
Go the the "Big Orange Box" and get a different hanging shelf system.  Similar to the one in Master Closet.
Attach to wall.
Make shelves attachable to brackets.
Insert brackets and attach shelves.
Load shelves -- Books and be sure to place Leprechaun on shelf of honor. 
Wipe sweat from brow because when finished it will be the 4th major part of  project .

These few projects are what should be done before the room is finished as I pictured it in my mind ----The mirror on the wall that abutts the book-shelf wall that must come down so that wall will get the same
    treatment for a set of hanging shelves.
Several Plants that need to be re-potted and re-placed in the room. 
A couple of totes to go through with things waiting to be filed, packed away or filed '13'.
Dining area to complete. 

As you can see the List of Projects continue to grow as you try to complete what started out as a simple Love Seat purchase.  So don't be surprised that somewhere {or should that be somewhen} in the future you may see a report on how the "Projects with NO End in Sight"  is coming along.

Well its time for a bowl of Ice Cream or maybe a glass of wine.  I guess I'll figure that out as I stand in front of the refrigerator.
Yaw'll enjoy your Projects with NO End in Sight.
Miss Em


Paxford said...

I'm exhausted just reading all about that! *hugs*


Miss Em said...

Thanks for stoppin by. ;~)
And it's not done...yet.