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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My Humming Bird Chaser

This is "Hey You Cat" altho she is usually referred to as "(w)Hoo-Tat".
She came into my life "unwanted but grudgingly accepted" almost 14 years ago. 
She is a 'spoiled-rotten indoor-only" pain in my backside until she curls up in my lap of for an hour or two nap while I'm either reading or Crocheting in my recliner. 
She also make a "lousy" bed-partner because she like to sleep between the sheet and blanket side-ways [of course] leaving you very little or almost NO bed for your own use.  Can you say "BED-HOG".

Now that she's been introduced to you let me tell you why she is the only Humming Bird Chaser I know.

It all began when I was living in an apartment which was on the second floor with a very nice balcony.  At that time I was working for a client that had started to feed Humming Birds outside her Kitchen window.  I would watch these gorgeous "Jewels of God" while I would be working in the kitchen area or having my lunch.  After having several of my questions answered by my client, I stopped on the way home at the 'Big Orange Box' store to get the necessary items to install a 'Jewel' box on my own balcony at home so that when I had a meal at the dining table I could watch the show that they would be putting on for me through the dining room window looking out onto the balcony.  [It's was a 4x6 foot window which would gave me a great view.]

After climbing onto a ladder, not one of my most favorite things to be doing, I finially get the hook installed and the ladder put away.  I take a few minutes to wipe the sweat off of my face and take a few very deep breaths because while on that ladder leaning sideways to get the right angle for the drill bit I happen to look down.  Can you say weak knees and shakey hands.  I'm already know that I NOT a 'heights' person but being on a ladder two stories up and leaning slightly over the balcony railing is REALLY NOT my cup of tea. 

All the while I was doing the installation of the hook, "Hoo-Tat" was sitting on the other end of the railing with that smug look of "What-cha doin?" on her face with her tail swishing slowly in the breeze on the outside of the 'nothing for 2 stories' railing.  I still believe she was just being her usuall "Hey Mom, See what I'm doing" self.

Now, that the breathing is back to normal it's off to the kitchen to make up the sugar-water and fill the humming bird feeder.  Back out onto the balcony, where I don't have to lean over the railing to hang the feeder [yea!] and all I have to do is to wait for the "Jewels" to show up at my "Jewel box". 

So that puts the icing onto a great Friday and the start to what should be a  quiet weekend but one never knows with "Hoo-Tat" around.

 "Hoo-tat" is sitting in the dining room window that looks out onto the balcony and I'm fixing my Sunday lunch when I hear her make a sound that I've never heard her make before.  It sounds almost like a very far off machine gun being shot in full automatic mode.  When I look around the corner, she is extremely focused on the balcony with her ears and whiskers pointed at the window.  She is viberating so hard that you can see her fur trembling.  So, I..s l o w l y..tip-toe over to the area and peak around the edge of the window thinking that she is seeing another cat in the parking lot but NO.   It's a "Jewel" at the "Jewel Box".  So, that explains why she is having an "I WANT THAT" state of mind fixation.  I hurry back into the kitchen for my cup of tea to sip at the table as I watch just as entranced as "Hoo-Tat".  What a fine way to spend a quiet and warm Sunday afternoon.

Monday evening I go out to check the feeder and "Hoo-Tat" follows me out.  When I turn around with the now empty feeder in my hands there she is sitting on the balcony staring out across the parking lot at a particular tree.  Waiting, Waiting, Waiting.   Me, I'm head for the kitchen humming where i will refill the feeder.  After re-hanging the feeder back on it hook on the balcony I look at "Hoo-Tat" and tell her, "You haven't got a chance in the world in catching my "Jewel".   I then go back inside to get a glass of white wine and to watch my "Jewel" and "Hoo-Tat"  from the dining room window.

When my "Jewel" flew up to the feeder it stopped about 2 feet from the feeder, turned and hovered there staring at "Hoo-Tat" after about 30 seconds it went up to the feeder sat down its tiny feet on the tiny rung and began to do short feeds while watching "Hoo-Tat".   After about a minute my "Jewel" flys off to sit on a tree twig in order to digest it over-full tummy.  "Hoo-Tat" gets up and walks over to the feeder.  She raises up onto her back feet in order to sniff at the feeder.  Afterwards she sits there staring at the feeder probably wondering what that little "tempting morsel" is so fasintated by what's inside of the feeder when whatever it is doesn't even smell good.

As the days go along "Hoo-Tat" slowly keeps inching closer to the feeder so my "Jewel" wouldn't know that the leaping space is slowly getting smaller.  My "Jewel" is not giving it one thought.  And me, I just keep sipping my tea as I watch out the dining room window all the while thinking, ' You aren't really going to try to do what I'm think your going to try to do are you'. 
A couple more days pass and then right about the time I'm getting settled down at the table to enjoy my diner, I see my fur-ball through the window leaping out in front of the feeder.  My "Jewel" which had been hovering in front of the feeder simply backed-winged about 2 feet and was now hovering in the air looking down at a very stupid  and annoying "Hoo-Tat".  I leaped out of my chair, made the mad dash past the table, out the patio door and stopping at the balcony railing where I could look down to see where "Hoo-Tat" had landed. 
The first place I was staring at was the ground...NO..."Hoo-Tat".  My thought was "Now just where in Hell did she go?"  That's when I heard a very soft and embarassed meow coming from my left.  There she was ... very slowly and carefully picking her way across the top of the very tall and prickly Holly bush/tree.  When she was close enough she made a small jump up onto the balcony railing and then down onto the deck where she..s l o w l y..walks past me to go back inside the apartment. 

Me, I have to sit down in one of my canvas deck chairs becausing I laughing so hard that the tears are starting to leak from the eyes.  After the laughter, it took me about a half-hour to find her under the master bed in her special hide-from-company bed....SULKING.  After checking her paws for broken Holly bush tips, I let her return to her hide-from-company bed to continue to sulk.

After going to get my cup of hot tea, I go out to sit in one of the deck chairs to enjoy the evening and watch my "Jewel" who has now returned to the feeder where it sits watching me for a few moments.  And as I stare at my "Jewel", I say to him,  "I told her not to do that but did she listen to me...NOooooo.  Get ready because I seriously doubt that she's learned the lesson that you can move quicker than her."

I was right on what I told my "Jewel" that afternoon/evening because once a week for the next 4 weeks "Hoo-Tat" made that exact same leap into the air and down on top of that prickly Holly bush/tree and each time she got the same results.  After the 4th leap, I guess she made the connection that my "Jewel"  could just move faster than her so it could not be caught period.  After that when I opened the patio door "Hoo-Tat" would go out and leap up onto the balcony railing and stretch out on it in order to take a sun bath.
She would head over to one of the canvas deck chairs to curl up in the particial shade to take a nap.
All the while she was out on the balcony she would definitely IGNORE the fluttering hum of the wings of my "Jewel" as he would make his trips to and from the feeder.

My "Jewel" spent the entire Spring, Summer and the early part of Fall without being annoyed by "Hoo-Tat" again.  before the trip back to its Winter haven.

So ends the saga of "Hoo-Tat" the Humming Bird Chaser. 

 A little worse for the wear but a WHOLE lot wiser.

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