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Friday, February 19, 2010

Mornings..UGH..WTH..NO Jump Start....grumble, grumble, mumble, mumble

     This morning as the alarm/radio began to blast out with what some may call "music", I was in the tortuous process of trying to decide whether or not if I needed to call someone to come over to my abode in order to  P.U.S.H. by 'DEAD' backside out from under the warm covers and off of my soft mattress.  No thanks to myself for not doing Item #4 of what was on "Coffeypot" ['s] post "Usefull Information" ,  I kept hitting the snooze button more than I should have been hitting it. { I'v got to remember to get the mouse trap and duct tape so I can fix that snooze button.}
     I just can't seem to remember what I was tryin' to think of at that time of morning mainly because the ole 'Gray Goo' was more like over-thick pudding and did not want to function at any level of awakeness.   IF,  I had said, "Oh. Just. Damn.  It's to early for me to be stumbling across the floor."   I would NOT have been far from finding the head of the nail without having a hamer in my hand to hit it with.
      I kept saying, 'thank you' for establishing the unthinking habit formed by walking the regular path to the bathroom in order to find my Queen's throne without having to crack open even one eye lid so that eye would have the light of day glaring into the fog of not wanting to see the happenings of my early morning.  I did high-fived that person staring at me in the mirror while I was brushing out my hair because I didn't do any pin-balling off of the door jams as usuall.   After managing to do that,  I was hoping that this would be a good sign that the day would be a decent one. 
     Stumbling and grumbling all the way to the walk-in closet to find some article of clothing to cover my short squat body because I just can't stand to have people laughing so early in the day for I have found out that once started it doesn't seem to end quickly enough. 
I also had lots of 'help' in finding my clothes as 'Hoo Tat' would snag each one with one of her claws for a game of 'tug of war'.  Yes, she does play 'tug of war' and it's one of her favorites.  After several minutes of trying to get what I wanted back without having them shredded, I was finially able to dragged the items onto the now particially exercised and half-way functioning body.
       After finially coming to grips with the fact that the day was not going to go away, I headed for the kitchen to find a "hand crank" in order to try to 'Jump Start' the day.   Now as I stare at the  hand crank {aka..Coffee Maker}, I realize why I was no longer in the beginnings of a happy mode.   I had forgotten to set the blasted thing up to do its thing while I was trying to getting my feet off the bed and onto the floor...So, now it's NO 'Marine Mud' to spoon into the 'Dragon's Cup'.   [It's 'Marine Mud' cause I got the receipe from a 'Marine' who liked his coffee S.T.R.O.N.G. ]
      Rummaging in the 'frig' to discover just where I put that almost empty bottle of  O.J. in order to pour a glass to sip during the time I would be watching the H2O get Nuked.   I dragged out the Tin of Tea Bags so I can have a cup of Hot Tea while dutifully supressing the wish that I could put a splash of 'soul-warming' Bourbon into the waiting 'Dragon's Cup' knowing that I have to be driving down the road in a few minutes.  This is NOT the best way to "Jump Start" the day but it DOES work in a pinch.
      Feed the 'Hoo Tat' and then stumble over her as I head for the door with keys in hand because she doesn't like what's in her food dish so she is letting me know by trying to wind her way through my legs.  Yelling at her, "You'll just have to wait till I get back." as the garage door slams in her face and the key makes the lock go "click"
      Out to the car,  clean frost from windshield and back window, start the car and I'm out of here.

Now you have an idea of how the days get started in my small abode.  Some are better than others especially when I will be able to remember to set the "mouse trap" over the snooze button on the alarm/radio{thanks you, Coffeypot} and hope that the "Jump Start" is ready and waiting for  the druggery of a day.

Here's hopin' that yours goes a lot better.
Yaw'll come back ch-ear.    Miss Em


Paxford said...

So glad to know a fellow "non-morning-person".
I personally think it's a conspiracey the way mornings always arrive too quickly!


Miss Em said...

Pax...Love the week-ends..NO early mornings