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Friday, February 19, 2010

Could use a helpin' hand here

To anyone who is willing to explain to an old and a 'techenically challenged' lady can you help me out with a couple of things that have managed to make me want to sit down and have a good old fashion 'hissy fit'.

1]  The screw driver and wrench....Why can't I make them go away? 

2]  Links....I have read the things that the blog setting page has as 'How to' and "Help'.  Somewhere along the line I am not understanding what I am being told/shown or I've missed a step, completely.  I've got the setting for Links on the blog settings page marked yes.  Now what???

3]  Copy, cut and paste....This should tell you that I am not that great on this here contraption.  So, I've never had to do this until now.  Again, everything I've read when I put into application doesn't seem to work.  When you answer that question, please do think that you are telling someone who has never seen anything like this contraption before because you won't be far from that with this problem.

So anyone who wants to be a helping hand, let me say THANK YOU before you begin to type or link or copy, cut and paste your words to me.

Problems...everyone got at least one.  Hope I can help ch-yaw'll with ch-yours one day.
Ch-yaw'll come back ch-ear.  Miss Em


LL said...

Miss Em, the screwdriver and wrench appear when you are logged in. It is so that you can edit immediately instead of going back into blogger. If you don't want to see them, log out of blogger.

What question are you asking about links? Do you mean for a sidebar blogroll? I see a sidebar blogroll on your page.

If you need specific help, email me LL at chromedcurses dot com. I have been helping people deal with blogger/blogspot for years now, I think I might be able to get you on the right track.

Anonymous said...

CC me as well. mfsteve (at) q.com

We'll need to know what operating system you're using (windows / MAC OS / other) and what browser you use (Internet Exploder / firefox / other) because thing ca look and work differently depending on those combinations.