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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ole Mr Trout ?? Where ?? Are You Hiding

Last Tuesday B-B and I headed for a Trout stream that is suppose to be one of the ones that is stocked on a regular basis.  With a stop for gas & drinks, another look at the map and of course a missed turn, we were on the road headed for what we thought would be an interesting day.  B-B said that where we were going was part of the Ga Dept of Nat Resources and to make sure I had my license and pic-ID on me because the game warden would definitely sneak-up on you out here.
When we got there we talked to one of the people who fished the stream.  He said that yes they do stock the stream because it has several good size feeders further up stream that are feed by natural springs and makes good breeding and fishing areas.  He said that Last Tuesday they had stocked and he had a good day.  He wished us luck and drove off.

We got the truck parked and stood at the back of it so we could discusse what type of lures/flies we would begin this adventure of  let's see 'where the Trout are hiding'.
After getting things ready and that includes repacking my trout bag so my water bottle fit, we headed out for our trek thru the woods beside a beautiful stream that was flowing with a gentle but steady current as it babbled over the rocks and glided into quite pools with sandy/rock filled bottooms.

We walked to the shallow pool near the bridge and B-B gave me a few pointers on how best to use my open-face reel that is attached to my shortest Ugly stick in this wooded area.  Then he says it time to get your feet wet.  I stood there thinking that the water would be so cold my toes would be curling under my arches and I would be stumbling over the rocks only to find my butt wouldn't be "Muddy" this time but definitely wet.
As I stepped into the stream I found that the water wasn't as cold as I thought it would be and began my trek up-stream.  I hadn't go far when I noticed that there was a path beside the stream and got out to follow it.  As I followed the path I noticed that you really couldn't do much fishing from the bank so I traveled ahead of B-B on the path until I got to a quite pool and carefully stepped into the water near where the water was rushing over the rocks trying real hard not to scare them out of the pool. 

As Lady Luck would have Her way, my efforts in the first pool of quiet water proved to be for naught altho I did get a couple of bites from what I thought were fingerlings [about 4-6 inches long].  These little ones maybe to small to do anything with but... they did give that line a really hard tug and made you think that you had something for the skillet tonight. 

I caught up with B-B further up stream where he was in the process of pulling out a nice eating size Trout.  He was laughing and smilling as he told me he now was remembering why he used to walk for miles in a Trout stream.  Mannnnnn...he was really enjoying himself.  [big smile]
I decided to just stand and watch his technique as he was getting ready to cast out to the same spot because he thought there was another one there.   After 3 cast, Ole Mr Trout snapped up on his lure and the battle to get him landed began.  A couple of minutes later, #2 was residing safely in B-B's trout bag.
A few cast later it was agreed by both of us that the spot didn't have any more residents so we began to move up-stream again and continue to try our luck.  I stopped at the next pool and B-B went further up stream

About an hour later we decided that we were both tired and should head back to the truck.  That's when we looked at each other and B-B said, "Sorry gir,l but the truck just won't make the trip to where your standin."  My comment was, "Well I walked here so I had better just start walking back.  You don't mind stoppin a time or two for a bit of a rest because these 62 year old legs might be tire-der  than I'm a thinking."
 We took our time as we followed the trail, crossing boggy areas, small feeder creeks and fallen trees,  and keepin an eye out for the snakes in the area because its more than time for them to be out and about. 
Guess what I didn't have to stop once.   Now that surprised me, Too.
When we got back to the truck, we got to tryin our best to think how far we had meandered in and out of that stream and followed the trail back to the truck.  Best we could figure it was more than a mile in wet squishy shoes.
As we stored our gear and got ready to start our journey home we agreed that we would give it another try next week and hope that they had stocked the creek again.

B-B brought home 2 Trout that are now resting in the freezer to which he is really hoping that the next trip we'll be adding to them.
Me ... Well I had a nice time learning how to 'Spin Cast for Ole Mr Trout', walking in a beautiful creek and enjoying a beautiful day in the woods Which should tell you that my bag was empty as usual  but not from tryin.

This Tuesday I got up [0530] feeling really bad...my stomach would let me eat the breakfast that B-B had cooked.  [Yes, he does do some of the cookin.]  B-B said about an hour later he said that he wasn't feeling good either.  We didn't let that stop us so we headed out to Ole Mr Trout stream to give out luck another try.
When we arrived one of the locals was in the parking area and we both talked to him about the area as we got ready to start the trek into the haunts of Ole Mr Trout.
B-B went to the really deep pool on the other side of the bridge and I began mine on the shallow side where you can see into the caulverts that goes under the bridge.  That's where I found fish from small minnows to 4-6 inches.  There were a couple that looked like 8 inches but I couldn't get my line into the area so I began my trek up stream.
I was about 50 feet from where I had enterd the stream when B-B walked by telling me to watch where I put my feet because he had spotted several snakes on the move.  I thought "great just what I needed a thirsty snake that's come a visitin".
After about an hour B-B walked back to where I was having a hard time trying to get the line out of a closed face reel where I asked him to check the reel and see if it was the reel or just me.  Nope, wasn't me.  B-B said that the reel didn't have enough weight for my green/orange/black feathery spinner lure and put a tiny bead of weight on the line about 12 inches from the lure and gave it a cast.  After a couple of times he pulled the line out of the reel, looked over at me and said the line is to heavy for the reel and there wasn't enough line on the reel.  Welp, with no lighter line with me so I could change the line that ended my day of trying to find Ole Mr Trout.
B-B asked me if I was feelin better...told him no...said he wasn't feelin better either so we decided to call it a day and headed back to the truck.   Thanks to my reel it was a short walk for me. 

1030 and all we had were a couple of hard tugs each.

Luck and Fishing has a way of being fickled so enjoy the beauty of the day and the time you have with your "Best-Bud".

Miss Em
Yaw'll come back, cheer.

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