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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Wet - Wet Saturday

Well about 10:30a B-B (Best Bud) walked into the front room where I was sitting with my coffee cup stuck to my face and my eyes glued to the weather channel and asked me what I was doing?
My first thought was he needs glasses. 
My second thought was if he can see what I'm doing then "why is he asking?" 
My third thought is the one that he heard..."Nothing."  (Glad I moved the cup before I answered for what was left of my coffee would have dribbled down my chin and past the gallon "milk-juggs" attached to the chest.)

The next thing I hear is" want to go fishing?"

The weather channel shows it's going to be a wet and chilly week-end.  I've given serious thought to laundry, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom and continue to  perp the dining room by removing more of my pack-ratting that's still stacked around waiting for me to make a decision on whether it stays or goes. 
All the while the thought of  EEEeeee-gods how I hate doing those things floats around in the back of the grey goo.


The ONLY words I hear coming from my mouth is "how much time do I have before we leave?"  I just had to ask since I still had on a casual-scroungy-sit-around-the-house clothes and fishing called for different clothing. 
He gave me 20 minutes.
So, its a mad dash to the bedroom to find my double layered workout pants that make a swishing sound when you walk and a clean but not to cared about T-shirt. 
Grab the nylon vest from the back of the closet--zipper pockets for the plastic bags for the cell phone,  the wallet with ID, cash and of course the Fishing License.  Rush to the kitchen to dig out the plastic bags and my bottle of tea mixture.  Head back to the front room for the purse to find those necessary items just mentioned.  Then it's don't forget to put "Doodlebug" [the cocktiel] in front of the TV so he has something that entertains him while we're gone for most of the day.  And, yes he does watch TV.
Charge back track thru the kitchen to the garage so I can get my pole and bag.  Then it's open the garage door and quickly put them in the back of the truck.  Ask B-B if he has everything he needs from the garage before I put the garage door down and secure it.  Rush back thru the house, checking the patio doors as I go and finially its out the front door where you stop just long enough to double lock.

TOTAL TIME:  25 minutes
Yep, I can really move when I need to...and fishing is a "need to".

Well, by the time we got to Little River where the White Bass have been gathering for their breeding run it had started to rain.  It was a lite drizzle when we left so I didn't think anything about it but by the time we got to Rope Mill park and I got my line set with a Rooster tail (white) it was coming down  a good deal more than a drizzle but not enough to say "Screw it".
I headed for the banks of the river near where the old bridge had been at because its a bit deeper there and Bass seem to like deep pools and structure.
As I walk past the tree line, I can see that the banks are a lot wetter than I was hope-in. Anyone who lives here can tell you that good old Georgia mud has a lot of clay in it which means that when it gets wet, its slicker than "Owl Sh!t".  My thought was O-kay today you really need to watch where you put your feet or one of two thing will happen and neither will be pleasant.
As I'm getting set to toss out my line a big Bass swirls the water with half of its body out of the water.  Now, that's the area where I need to start tossing my lure...several minutes go by along with about 2 dozen casts and I'm not even tempting the bugger.  So I give up on him and head closer to the old bridge buttresses and start casting.....nothing--nada--zip.  And I was there for a good 20 minutes.
Now as I look up-stream I make the decision to walk the quarter mile to the old dam buttresses and rocks that are making the white water in the area.  Got to be something in that area...right.
 After getting there I very carefully make my way down the rock mainly because they are wet and very, very slick.  The banks are still slick as "Owl Shl!t" so I pick the most levelest spot and start casting. 
 Second cast the line gets hung up on some rocks and during the quick jerk.......I lean back just a "little" and my feet slid right out from under me and I am very quickly looking into swirling water as it slides with great speed over the rocks.  A couple of more inches I would have been joining the water as my backside slid across that flat rock in front of me and into a swirling pool of cold frothy water. 

No I did not get hurt--thankfully--unless you consider my pride which was sorely wounded.

I managed to get my feet back under me and slowly made my way over to a more shallow still-water area where I washed the sandy-clayish mud from my reel and hands.  Afterwards I looked the area over again and said to myself maybe a dryer day would be better and slowly climbed my way back up over the bank and past the tree-line.
I found B-B a short ways down from where I had been and went to talk to him.  That's when I discovered that he had 2 Bass on his stringer.  Damn.......Just Damn
And to rub salt on my poor throbbing backside he caught two more before I could get set up about 30 feet from where he was at. 
My luck isn't getting any better. 
About that time he hollered at me "Why are your pants muddy?" 
I just glared at him as he laughed.

A few minutes later another person trying his luck on this wet day stopped and asked me if I was having any luck.  My answer ....

"The only thing I caught today is a "Muddy Butt".

The man started to laugh and said "I hope your luck improves."  As I watched him walk away I could still hear him snickering as he shook his head.
After a few minutes I had to snicker at what I had said because the thought went thru my head that I had caught the largest thing on the River that day. 
About 1 hour later we called it quits and headed back to the house with me sitting on one of B-B's extra shirts that he keeps in the truck so my "Muddy Butt" wouldn't get his seat dirty.

So ends the story of a Wet-Wet Saturday.... "Muddy Butt" and all.

Miss Em


Coffeypot said...

I was at Rope Mill on Saturday between rains. Took my granddaughter and her friend there so the friend could see what it's like.

What was all the bicycles doing there and the cops, too?

Miss Em said...

I didn't ask but I saw people running up to where the bikes were and putting on clothing so I got the feeling it was the staging area for a Tri-ath-e-lon[sp?].

We left about 2:30p. If you were there at that time wished I had seen you. I was wearing a red nylon vest and a black cap. I could have at least shown to you what I caught....my "Muddy Butt". And people say I don't have a sense of humor...;~D

Miss Em