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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Diabetic Cooking.....????

No I'm not diabetic..
."B-B" is.    {and he considers it a royal pain because he knows that a lot that he likes he shouldn't be eating especially sweets...his down-fall.} 
He is able to control it ... for now ...  with diet and portion control which means I've got to learn a whole new way of cooking and serving food.    {so far doing this he's dropped about 75 pounds [was around 350].  If he can, maybe with me on the same diet/portion control,  I can too.}
I have a few books on that subject for his use from the last time he was here but then we were cooking for ourselves because our schedules were different.  [That's when the doctor informed him and spoke about diet and/or meds.]
Now ...  I'll be heading to the grocery store with an admended shopping list to get some things to help cook meals because there are a lot of things that I have on hand and usually cook that are big no-no's.
So when using my old standbys that I got stored in my gray goo-eee matter,  they will have to be altered.  Sounds like loads of "fun" doesn't it.
Also, when I am being adventurous and making up my own receipes I'll have to make certain that it is as close to the guide lines that are in those diabetic cook books that I've already got on hand.

So tonight it will be :

baked country pork ribs smothered in onions with a very light coating of honey mustard sauce
twiced baked fries with lite salt and fresh cracked black pepper
steamed broccoli with chopped Kalamati olives with a sprinklying of lemon juice and bacon bits

Oh and everybody I took today {Tuesday} off so "B-B's" bedroom rug at his old place did not get done. 
My right wrist {that I injured earlier this month when there was ice on the streets} was in the total mode of pain and this cold weather really isn't helping.  [So, it will be later this week when I tackle that rug.]
And I put on one of my wrist braces to stop it from the wrong movements and to give it extra support as I try to accomplish a few things today.

Now that everybody that wanted me to get some rest got their wish...you can stop wishing now. 
Smiling and laughing.  Thanks guys.

Miss Em


Coffeypot said...

Just cook the right amount. If there is more, y'all will eat more regardless of how good it is for you. Portions is important. Take it from a diabetic who doesn't give a shit.

Miss Em said...

Hi Blog-Daddy

Welp, I cooked up a meal for 6 and we divided it up into 3 meals each before we even began to have diner.
"B-B" took one of his meals with him for lunch today.
He was impressed with the sauce I made. I saved all that wasn't portioned out to add to some soup/stew for flavoring.
Yep I'm learning.
Think it will be easier to measure out the portion if I go get some plates that are divided up into sections...baby plates [portions] would be about right. Thank goodness for saran wrap and plastic zip-lock baggies.
Miss Em