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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Still here ??

Hello everyone I'm still working like crazy trying to get my condo put back together. 

I know that I promised to write about it but for right now it working 2 jobs -- first job is the one that makes money and the 2nd job is the money pit that is taking all the money and extra time.
I am taking pictures so I can show you what is/was happening.

Everyone please bear with me. 
I haven't forgotten you ----- just really, REALLY busy.

Miss Em


Coffeypot said...

Welcome back. Man, it's taking you a long time to do this remodling. I say, burn it down and let the insurance build you another one.

Charlene said...

You have a stacked washer/dryer! Cool. I have one too and love it.

This too shall pass, even though it's remodeling.

Miss Em said...

John..Insurance co and contractor says 3-6 months. Working on 2 different areas now. Garage[room #3] and Pantry[room #2]...garage being painted...pantry getting tile floor laid--and tonight-grouting floor and room #2 will be done. So getting there.

Charlene..Love my stacked W/D miss not being able to use them because in my opinion my LG's seem to clean better then the old wringer type. And yes it is passing..SLOWLY--OH SO SLOWLY

Paxford said...

I missed this when you first posted. And today I was thinking "I haven't seen Miss Em about for a while - I hope she's okay".

Hugs for the massive amount of work you are having to do. Don't over do it - a little at a time is the key.

Hugs from Pax

Miss Em said...

Pax...Trying very hard to be finished with all the other items on the insurance list so when the contractor gets done with the master bedroom, master closet and the one bathroom I can prime and paint it so I can move back in. Then "Best Bud" and I start on his rental so he can move into my second bedroom.
Now it's finish the garage, touch up the pantry walls/baseboards and start empty-ing out the kitchen so we can get that room started.

And the fun just keeps rollin on...


Take care and {{{HUGS}}} to you and good luck on finding the good fun stuff for your adopted knuckle-draggers for Christmas.
[sighs & smiles... ;~} ]

Miss Em