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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lap-top commin home

Hello all,

I know I've NOT been doin a lot of bloggin lately.

I have to use my Best Bud's lap-top because I gave my to a Great Tech to give it some desperately needed aid and comfort.
Tomorrow night at the Board of Director's meeting for the Condo Assoc., he will be giving it back to me.  He says that it is working like new...hopefully he is correct.
I need to have him instruct me on how to get com-cast to work on my lap-top because I use ATT-DSL.  {I know I'm weird.} 
When I get com-cast to work then I will be doing a post on the fire with pic's.
I've been tappin it out in the saved form but I don't work on it as I should because each time I start writing I just want to sit down and cry.

I'm still at my Best Bud's place and living mostly out of bags/suitcases.  It's such an unsettling feeling.  Knowing that everyday I go home to try to do a little more on what needs to be done to fix it and not being able to stay there.

HELL.  The screen is getting blurry and my eyes are starting to leak.

Will try to write more later.

Miss Em.

1 comment:

Wrexie said...

How's your laptop coming? ...and the house? We had to move out for mold remediation... for a year. I understand.
Hang in there...