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Sunday, May 09, 2010


 is "Mother's Day". 
 {Like every day should not be Mother's Day.}{said sarcastically}

Mothers do so many things.......

  "Cooking" --  is not only breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but for those special occassions that the entire family gets together to participate in the remembering and eating of all the good food on the table{s}. 
Oh and do not forget the times when you told Mom that you needed 6 dozen cookies the night before those cookies had to be delivered to your classroom. 
Mothers are usually the last person out of the kitchen after dinner has been served  for its all the stuff sitting on the counters waithing for the next part of the task that has to be done before she can say "THIS KITCHEN IS CLOSED FOR THE NIGHT".

 "Cleaning"  --  pretains not only to all the dusting, vacumning, and the picking up of all the shoes and clothes that are left lying around the house but, also, trying to keep closed the door to your room so any guest in the house can NOT see  how well you have learned the lesson of "Clean-ly-ness is next to God" or not one of those organizing skills that ALL Mothers try to instruct into their young.   
Then there is, of course, that "UNKNOWN science project" residing under your bed {which should actually be known as the 'haz-mat containment area'} that Mom drags out to make certain that it isn't capable of "growing legs and wondering around the house" and when that part of the inspection is done Mom will carefully take it and place it in the correct "disposable container"{otherwise known as the garbage can or kitchen disposal}.

These are just two of the many tasks that go into the job discription of being a MOTHER .

So today just don't say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ....


Mom will truly enjoy that special expression of how much you DO appreciate everything she does for YOU.

Here's hopin that all the Mothers out there have an enjoyable day and a great surprise from those who love you.

Yaw'll come on back...ch-ear.       Miss Em.


Coffeypot said...

Sound good for normal people. My mom did cook and clean, but that was it. No science projects, no homework help, no PTA meetings, nothing.

She's dead now, but still not worth going to put a flower on her grave.

Aren't I one big happy bundle of joy today? But for you, I do wish you a great mothers day. And I hope you cook yourself a great meal to celebrate.

Miss Em said...

Thank you Coffeypot.
I did. Grilled some Chicken and Corn-on-the-Cob, lg slices of a baking potato and a few large slices of Onion then for desert...Vanilla Ice Cream w/Crushed Fresh Strawberries.

[Welp that should put a couple of pounds on the back side.]

Hope you and Judy had a fun filled day.