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Sunday, May 30, 2010

From the Old to the New...

While doing a trip to the big Orange Box-store, I stood debating whether or not I wanted to follow that feeling that has been nagging at me for about 6 months now.  Welp, to tell the truth that feeling won and I left the big Orange Box-store with .... 
Yep!  Another Saturday project. 

I did NOT skimp on that "Pole Holder" either.  There were 2 types...one plastic and one metal.  Each one has a loosing screw on the front of the Holder so you could adjust the angle that your Flag would fly.   I chose the metal Holder.  I figured that it was the better of the two I was looking at because I believed that the teeth for the adjustment would last longer than the plastic Holder's teeth.

The screw on the side when adjusted will tighten down onto the Pole and hold it into the Holder so the wind won't take it for a trip when the wind starts the Flag a flappin in the breeze.

Now the tan ring with clip and the clear ring with clear screw are what is known as swivels.  Both are set up to be able to turn the Flag so that the breeze won't wrap it around the Pole.  I was very happy to have found this because that was the one reason that I had been putting off getting a much larger Flag.  The Pole is approximately 6ft. which is taller than me by about 9 inches.

The Flag is a 3ft by 5ft rayon and as you will soon see is quite GRAND to look at and especially FINE when the wind catches it.

As you can see I have a small Flag right there where I usually sit.  I am proud of my Flags and display that proudness as much as possible.  The small Flag is on a stick which resides in a pot of clumping bamboo. {yep, that's one of those tops-see-turvy planter with a patio tomato plant, the one on the left is an orchid with a pot that has ferns right behind it for those who are courious.} 

It took an extra day before I could start because the Batteries for this drill had to be charged.
I use this drill for making holes in things because many of my drill bits are not the newer ones with the quick change blunt ends that go into the chuck of the bigger drill.

Now this is the Bigger Drill and as you can see it is a quick load/release set-up.  Yes, that is a phillips screw driver bit and yes, I am going to be using both drills.  Just easier when you don't have to constantly keep changing what your using to get the job done.{yep that a complete set and as you can see the dilling bits only fit the B&D drill.} 
Now I've been up on a ladder making a hole in the wood threw the top hole on the far side to which I put in a screw and tighten down just enough so I could make adjustments.   
Yeah, its level!!! 
Now, grab the drillin-drill and make 3 more holes.  Then get the screwin-drill and put the screws so it is solid.  
So now it's time to put the Flag on the pole and climb up onto my small ladder in order to put it into its new home.

After I got all the tools  put away in the garage I headed back out to the patio where I unlocked the gate and went out with camera in hand.Guess Mother Nature just knew that I would love a breeze blowin when I took this picture.  Lovely isn't it???

Now, the small Flag has been removed from it place of Honor and has been formally retired.

I did a few more simple project during the rest of the day but this one was not only the most IMPORTANT but it was also the BEST.

Hope everyone who reads this remembers that Monday{tomorrow} is Memorial Day.  Take the time to bow your heads and say a prayer of "Thank You" to the "SPRITS" of our FALLEN WARRIORS but also to and for THEIR loved ones who miss THEM terribly

My Flag flies high and proud because OUR FALLEN WARRIORS made certain that it could.

Miss Em


Coffeypot said...

Great job, Miss Em. Now if you get a wild hair and want to add some steps to a deck, give me a call.

Anonymous said...

Nice job.

FYI, Wally Mart has the nice embroidered Annin flags for $20 right now. I have to replace mine every 6 months or so hence I will be buying a few extra today.