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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Moon Has Risen

The Moon has risen!
Bathing all beneath it in its cool silvery glow
The Nightshades are sending out their wonderous smell        
Time to let the joyfull songs flow
And the stories of wonderous travels to tell.
For the Moon has risen!

The Moon has risen!
Stars are dancing brightly in the night's sky
Feel the breeze as the wind flutters by
Out of the shadows and spread your wings my friends
Let us enjoy the Life of the Night as it begins.
For the Moon has risen!

The Moon has risen!
The Moon's beams make the Dust Motes sparkle and  dance
Come my friends let us take the chance
Hear the Wolf 's Moon lit bay
Know that nothing we do or say
Will get past the growls and grunts
As the Pack gathers for the Night's hunt.
For the Moon has risen!

The Moon has risen!
And so continues Life
In all her glory and strife
It is time to take the chance
Hear the wind sing
Spread your wings
And let us begin the dance.
For the Moon has risen!


The art work by Jody Bergsman on card from Leanin Tree, Inc...from my card collection. 
Words by Yours Truly and the "Spirit" that makes them flow.

I do save some of the cards I get from people because you never know where you get the inspiration to find the "Spirt" that gives one the words that flow freely through your fingers as they peck on the key board.

If you find yourself in this then, enjoy. 

If not, then... just, look at the nice Lady's art work.
Yaw'll come back.   Ch...ear!  Miss Em


Coffeypot said...

Wow! Great job, Ms Em.

Miss Em said...

Thank You Coffeypor.
I get the urges every now and then. Now I have somewhere to share them.
Glad you enjoyed.

Miss Em said...

Sorry, that should read Coffeypot. Damn fingers and Mr. Arthritis.

clew said...

I do the same thing - I've kept many many cards over the years :)

Nice post, friend!