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So ch-yaw'll come on back and see what I pulled out of my "fish-eee bucket" .... ch-ear. Miss Em


Friday, February 12, 2010

A Unique Friday 13th

Well, Mother Nature's sense of humor is now in the toliet......Snow in "Hot" Atlanta. Predictions are anywhere from 1" to 5" depending who you were listening to in the morning/early afternoon.  Guess I'll find out in the morning. 
At least I got my client taken care of and home before the "fun on the freeway" began.
Didn't have to go to the store so there was no fight to get the usual...milk, bread and TP.  Why the people of Atlanta think they need to stock up on TP is beyond me. 

Good thing I got 'Tivo' because the clouds are so thick and heavy that the 'Sat.' signal isn't getting to the dish.  When I run out of Tivo programs, I'll hit the DVD Library. 

If all else fails, I'll head for the bedroom, stretch out on the bed and start working my new puzzle book while I munch-out on my Valentine Chocolates that I bought for myself because I happen to like them the best while listening to the radio in the background talking about the snow.
A nice quiet Friday the 13th night.

Yaw'll enjoy this Friday the 13th the best yaw'll can.
Yaw'll come back...hear.  
Miss Em


Cactus Mark said...

I heard on the news that 49 of the 60 States have snow today. Those [bad word] in Hawaii are getting off easy.

Cactus Mark said...

...50 states. Typo.

More beer.

Miss Em said...

Don't worry about the typo.

Take a look at the title. I think I should have looked at the Calendar. Unfortunately, I can NOT claim a glass/bottle of wine in front of me. {deep breath..sad sigh}

Oh well, I guess I will claim that any day it snows in "Hot" Atlanta it will be Friday the 13th.

Yep. [long pause for a not so deep thought]

That sounds like a plan to me.