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Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Best Bud and NEW pads for my 'Dragon'

Last Sunday my 'Best Bud' came over to get some help on his resume that we both hope would assist him in getting an improved line of work in the construction field.  Each time that I have helped him during the past 2 months, he would say "I owe you one".    This time, I took him seriously because Friday I had started hearing the little metal warning tabs that the brakes have on them SCREACHING their little hearts out.  Now getting this problem taken care of at a brake shop would cost me more than I had available in the 'cookie jar'.  He said, "No problem.  Get the new pads tomorrow and I'll come over around 4p and put them on for you."

So Monday afternoon on my way home, I stopped at 'Pep Boys'.  I went back to the parts sales counter and told the female there that I needed a front set of 'Brake Shoes'. [Remember, he said 'pads'.]  They had them for less than a $20.  'Thought' I had done a great job.  Riiighttt.  About 4p here comes my 'Best Bud'.  He takes one look at them.  Looks at me strangely and says "These are not brake pads but brake shoes which is not what I need."  So, we leave my 'Dragon' at home to continue cooling off so it can be worked on and head back to 'Pep Boys'.  I go inside to exchange them.  While doing that, I was told that the shoes would only have fit the back brakes not the front.  So, I made the saleperson double check to make certain that I had not only the right pads but the right type of pads.  Made my 'Best Bud' laugh out loud when I told him that because he said that the pads would fit the back or front.  I told him that I didn't want to have to make another trip because I got the wrong size pads.  [call it female logic--and stop laughing so you can continue reading]  Now we are headed back to the condo and my 'Dragon' who had been patiently waiting for her new pads.

Now let me say that my 'Best Bud' has is a class 'B' auto mechanic and he has done work for me before on my 'Dragon' and the 'Green Squire Cage' that I had owned before it became a "green-creamed filling" between 2 white large pick-kum-up trucks. [a story for another day]  If you do not know what a class 'B' auto mechanic is well, that is a person that has all the hands-on-ability but not the auto mechanic's degree from a school.  My 'Best Bud' has been doing auto repair and restoration since he was 14 and even now sometimes work with his brother who does own a shop.  So, I know that he does know what he is doing.  Besides, how many auto mechanics do you know that will answer a female's question and then explain all the why's that come after that simple question.  Actually, sometimes I think I drive him to the edge of saying "Don't ask."

So let's begin putting the new pads on my 'Dragon'...  Find the jack that is somewhere in the trunk...well it was the last time I saw it.

Yeah! We found the jack and all of the things that go with it.  Yes, I know.  My 'Dragon' needs that side of her painted.  When the paint my 'Dragon' fund is full then and only then will it get done.  Sooooo.   No complaining, please.  Besides, looks don't make my 'Dragon' fly down the road. AND, Dave Ramsey would really, really be proud of me because there are no payments due on  my 'Dragon'.                                                                                                        

After cracking a knuckle or two with a few more than appropriate words the lug-nuts finially gave up the fight.  But, they wouldn't come off without a few more grunts, groans and at least one more cracked knuckle.  With all of that, one would begin to think that my 'Dragon didn't want her front nails done.

Personnally I would have still been struggling trying to get the lug-nuts off.  The neighbors would have been having a fantasticly good laugh watching me jump up and down on the lug-nut wrench which is usually how I get the 'd@=n' things to loosen up.  It is not one of my most favorite things that I do when dealing with my 'Dragon'.

He finished the driver's side while I had to go back into the house to find "WHo-Tat" because I had the garage door open.  With a cat flap in the door entering into the house from the garage, she could/would go into the garage [where her sandbox is located] while we were both in the parking space on the  side of my condo and then she could sneak past us to discover the outside world which she has really not been in since she was about 12 weeks old except for an apartment deck where she learned not to chase Humming Birds.

Did you know that you were suppose to put a flat-tip screw driver into the little hole that is in the brake shoe/pad cover and apply a steady pressure in order to get the caliber into its proper position so when you try to close that cover it will close properly. AND, whats even more important that will allow the brakes to actually work correctly.  Just one of my questions of "Why are you doing that?" that he answered that NO one had been willing to answered in the past.  One does learn new things when one is able to watch what is being repaired/replaced. 

Goal accomplished. Now all I've got to do is pump the brakes for several moments and then take it for a test drive to make certain that everything is working fine before 'Best Bue' packs up and heads for home.

I've always made certain that I had some 'green stuff' to hand to my 'Best Bud' for anything that he has done on my 'Dragon'  in the past and I offered some 'green stuff' because it didn't seem enough that he "Owed me" for I know how much he had just saved me in 'green stuff'.  His replied, "You have helped me when I did not have the money to pay someone and its only right that its the same for you."

My 'Best Bud' a man of honor and ready to come to my aid when I yell, "HELP".

Wouldn't trade him for the last peanut butter sandwich in the world.

Hope yaw'll enjoyed my story.  Yaw'll come back ch-ear.      Miss Em



Paxford said...

Your Best Bud sounds to be a wonderful soul :)


Miss Em said...

Pax...your right. He is.

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