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Saturday, March 31, 2018

When the front loader says OIE.

Thursday ... 28 March 2018

I started this at 12:55.  It's now 13:55 and I'm still standing in the garage watching the water SLOWLY drain out of the emergency drain tube on the front loading washer so I can clean the filter.
This is not something on my bucket list either.

I'm so frustrared I could chew nails and spit out tacks.

The last time I had to do this was when I was washing foam backed rugs.
Did you know that the foam on the back of those rugs disintegrates in soap and water.?
I didn't but now that I do I made certain every foam backed rug was in the trash.

Recently I got some new rugs of the shag verity. Trimed all the tags off...threw them in the washer with soap ... Set the timer on my coffee table and started crocheting on my poncho while waiting for the bell to ring.
When it did.....  OIE

While I'm waiting for the water in the tub to go down enough where I could open the door I figured out what caused this problem lose shag threads and lint.  Wonderful.!

Once the water gets low enough I'm dragging my Rainbow into the garage and use it as a wet vac. And vac out all the water in the tub along with the bits of floating lint.
Gathering up all the other rugs in the house so when I unscrew the filter I won't find myself on my knees with my butt in the air in a lake of water.

Filter cleaned and back in washer. Small shaggy rugs back in washer. Washer doing it job while I'm waiting to see if I'll get an OIE.....

Lets just say TODAY just isn't my day.

It's now after 17:00 because "BB" just walked into the garage and asked why I was sitting ing front of the washer watching it spin.
So I told him about my day...he didn't say anything and disappeared into his room. In fact that was the last that I saw of him for the rest of the night.  (Smart man)

Dinner was a sandwich and an alieve and a large glass of ice water.
I'm hurting and really tired...so to everyone

Good Night.
Here's hoping your day was better than mine.


Coffeypot said...

We wash tome floor mats that go in front of the sink and stove, but rugs get vacced until we get tired of them, then out they go.

Miss Em said...

That usually happens to most of my scattered rugs.
These were new and lots of loose lint.