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Friday, July 15, 2011

Yea !!!! >> for Best Bud

Hi Everyone,

Good news !!!!!!!!

It looks like Best Bud has found a job that he likes.
He has worked around cars since he was 12*** building, repairing and restoring all types.
He seems to be a lot happier and that should help with his diabetic problem because he hasn't had the need to go out and walk around the condo bldg to try to lower the sugar level in his system.  I feel better about his new job fore each time he had to go for long walks by himself I would start to worry about him because he didn't have a walking partner especially at 3am.

He's been really worried and depressed about not working and having to just sit around the house.
If he had the extra cash {and "IF" I had any extra to spare} he would go fishing to help occupy some of that time.  There was the trout stream that he would go to {usually without me because I was at work} and walk up and down a 2 mile section of the stream which would take most of that day.  But, now with the heat he says that the water is getting to hot and a lot of those trout will be die-ing off real soon.
His efforts during this time put several packets of trout {8 each} in the freezer and we both are able to enjoy a trout supper occassionally.

We'll be heading for the pond EARLY this Sunday morning to see if the bass and catfish are hungry for some minnows, worms and maybe a few chicken livers pressed in smushed up bread and put in one of those hooks with the plastic mesh around it.  Hey, at least I trying to keep the chicken livers on the damn hook as I fling the line out to a good spot.  {And, I really do mean fling because I put my large backside into the effort so you can hear the line just sing as it rushes off of the reel.}  Usually, you don't even give the minnows and worms a second thought once they are on the hook because those don't normally go in the opposite direction of the hook.  {You did notice I did say "normally" didn't you?}
 I haven't been fishing in well over a month.  I definitely need to get out in the woodsy area that the pond is located in and get my batteries recharged along with what's left of my old 'mushy grey stuff' which will turn 62 on Sunday{Happy DOB to me !!!!  Guess I'll get me a cup cake and put a Question mark on it because nobody seems to know just who or what [snicker, snicker] I am these days.  EEEE-gods !!!  I wonder sometimes how I managed to get this far in life.......?????  Sure can't be the "good livin" because I'm still trying to figure ou what the "good livin" really is in life.}  Well they do say that that 'mushy grey stuff' is the first thing to abandon you in your seemingly second childhood.
Sausages cooked over an open fire with a cup of fresh coffee for breakfast sounds really good.  Maybe I can talk BB into bringing his camp coffee pot.  Yep, the smokey flavor adds just enough zest to the brewing to make it even better.
Then, maybe a nice bass on the girll for our evening meal will really hit the spot and top the day off.

Wish us luck. 
Yawll have a wonderful and fun filled week-end too.

Miss Em

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