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Friday, August 27, 2010

This happened....OH JUST DAMN

At 12:45a, Sunday morning, August 23, 2010, lightening struck my neighbors second story wall just about where it connects to my roof.
Yes, it did start a fire.
No, I was not burned out of my condo home.
Yes, the firemen drowned my attic area and then pulled the ceiling in to find any embers that survived the drowning.
Yes, my floors had become small Lakes.
No, I'm not living there.  My Best Bud has given to me his second bedroom for as long as I need it.  So far everyone is saying 2 to 2-1/2 months.  I'll believe it when it happens.
My bird and cat both survived but the cat is traumatized to the point that if you reach for her be prepared to be bitten and scratched.
My lap-top seem to have not survived the static electricity that was with the lightening bolt.  I'm using my Best Bud's lap-top to tap this out.

The Best Thing about all that happened was that NO people or animals were physically hurt or died.

More detailed report with pics to follow in a few days as I manage to get my bearings all in order and shoved out the door.

As I told Best Bud last night I wanted to update some of my condo but THIS IS NOT how I wanted to do it.

Miss Em
Yaw'll come on back and see what I be a doin....Ch'ear.


Charlene said...

You are safe and your cat is safe, if a little crazy and the bird is ok. This is good. Sorry you have to go through all the mess but it's just a lemon.

Coffeypot said...

I had lightning hit my house while I was at night school. Didn't even know about it until midnight. My dog was saved my my neighbor. Had to have my house rebult from the carpet up. But I got all new clothes, tv's, cd's and stuff. I moved in with Judy. Good luck and I am gald you have Best Bud.

Miss Em said...

Charlene...I sure could have used a cup of sugar with that lemon. The fire department sure did provide a lot of water.

Gee...I believe my sense of humor is coming back from the edge of the disaster.

Coffeypot...I still got all of my stuff. It is now mostly sitting in the front room with barely a path to get from the front door to the second bedroom where [w]Ho-Tat is staying.

I can truthfully say that this ain't no fun. ugh-ick.

Eeewe...don't look now but I do believe I've just done some "bitching". Must be getting back to normal.

Miss Em