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Friday, July 30, 2010

Pretty Yellow flowers...YUMMMMMM

I tried a new planting system this year for a tomato plant.  AND ITS WORKING.

Yes.  That's a Topsy-turvey planting system.  I mixed together a small bag of good potting soil, a small bag of citrus/cactus soil and a bag of Canadian  moss.  I took off about 4 of the bottom stems on my chosen tomato plant and gently put it through the x in the bottom of the bag.  They provide you with a 1/2 inch of foam cut to fit the entire bottom of the bag which has a slice cut in it which allows you to put it around the plant stem that is now sticking through the opening.  I then very gently added about 1/2 of the soil mix and gently tapped the outside of the bag to help settle the soil into place and continued to fill and thump on the bag.   It has a foam round that sits on top of the dirt so the roots don't get any of the dirt sloshed away from them.  After watering a few times, I pulled out the top pad out and filled the bag with some more dirt mixture and replaced the foam pad.  This all took place during the first part of June.
It is Now July 3rd and I got these pretty yellow flowers.  I guess feeding this darling with a "Cricket Poo" tea and boiled egg shell water has been a help because it sure is healthy looking specimen

And then on July 23rd,  I went out with my special blend of water and I spotted these little beauties.  There are 8 of those beauties with more to come.   HOD--DAMN!!

OMG  If I wasn't afraid of cracking the concrete patio, I would have been jumping for joy.  Fresh home grown vine ripe tomatoes.   YUMMMMMMMMM!!!

A special close-up so you can drool like I've been doing.  I'll try to remember to take a picture or 2 when these beauties turn a nice red and just before I pick them.  Then a picture or 2 right after I slice one and salt/pepper my red gem in order to stuff my face with its sweet meaty flavors.
OJD ... I had better stop now because I need to go get a "drool-towel" so I can mop-up my desk top before my lap top floats away.

Miss Em
Yaw'll come on back to see what I be a doin...Ch'ear.

1 comment:

Wrexie said...

Ohhhhh... those 'maters are lookin' dern good!! Can't wait to see 'em in their red glory!

My dad could grow a perfect Beefsteak tomato when we lived in IL. YUMMMMMM!