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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Let her eat cake.

I enjoy a sliver of cake occasionally.
That's why I have a box of cake mix and some goodies to mix in with the box mix to make it my own.
Then the weather here turned HOT

Like 93 to 100 degrees every day so far with high humidity that makes it feel well over 100 degrees.  I just don't want to try to cool my house off after baking what is in the box.

So at Wally World today I got this little Lemon yellow gem.
The serving listed said 6 but I cut it as if I'm serving 8. 
Just me and all I really want is a taste.

Will start to bake once the weather turns here.
In the mean time I will start to lay in some supplies so I can have a warm and Delicious winter.

Miss Em
Yaw'll come on back and see what I be a doin...Ch'ear.

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Coffeypot said...

It looks big enought to be just a taste. but you wanted to taste it several times I guess.

Miss Em said...

A regular cake is usually 9 to 10 inches across. This one is 6 inches across. That makes it about 2/3 the size of a regular cake.

Even at 2/3 the size, one person eating it all in one sitting would have a sick feeling when that one person was done.

Not wanting to have a sick feeling just before bed is a good thing.

Now that quart of Amish style potato salad that I ate around 4:30pm for dinner was really good especially since it filled a craving that I had been having for some time.

Miss Em

Charlene said...

That cake looks delicious!

Everyone should have some cake in their life.

Wrexie said...

Oooh! There's cake over here! Yum! Am I too late?

Miss Em said...

Thank you Charlene and YES the cake is delicious.

Miss Em said...

Wrexie...Nope not yet but can't say if it will be here by the end of tomorrow. It really is good especially with ice cream.