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Sunday, June 20, 2010

This is the old stove.

On Tuesday of last week I went to clean up some boil over that was under the front left burner and when I lifted the burner to pull it out I got an electrical shock that knocked me back on my butt.

The language I was using at that time I shall not bother to repeat because It was not the type some of the "Gentle" ladies that visit should be forced to read.  Let's just say that some Marines and a few Navy sailors can fill in the blank very well.

I still have some residual effects from that shockin experience because my right elbow is still a steady ache.  Guess it should be when it gets hit with 220 volts.  I'm really surprised that I didn't wind up in the hospital or even the morgue.  Guess 'Someone' was watchin over me that day.

That burner welded itself to the connection and being that the stove was 24/25 years old I decided that it was time to replace it instead of repairin it. 
Besides the oven was not that great.  Cakes and bread came out with goo-eee centers and had to be cooked longer than the receipe instructed.

So Wednesday I sat in front of this contraption and cruised through the appliance section of the on-line site of the Big Orange Box store since I have their card.  

Lord-dee there are a lot of stoves on that site.

After much readin and comparin all the ones that interested me, I chose this one.  

It is an LG - 5 burner glass top w/convection oven that is wrapped in stainless steel .... self cleaning of course.  You ain't goin see me with my butt in the air and my head in that brand new oven scrubbin like hell.

The installers made certain that it was level.  It's going to be nice to cook on a stove that the oils for fryin are not all gatherin in the back of the pan.   And, those cakes and other items will be level when I take them from the oven. 
S.W.E.E.T.  .... {big breath deep sigh} 

As you can see it has a sealed glass top which means I won't be pulling burners out to clean under them.
The bottom drawer is about 8 to 10 inches deep and is a warming drawer with its own heating element controled from the pfcp. {cool huh??}

Now the Convection Oven is sexy as hell with it pretty blue color.  Haven't used it yet so I can't tell you how great it does bake/roast. {Won't be using it until the fan for the air handler for the AC is repaired.  Would be just to hot for me with only fans runnin in the house now... mostly the livin room}

Here are a couple of pic's of the control pannel ... aka ... pilot's flight control pannel or 'pfcp'. 
Well, that's what I'm callin it.
Lots of bells, buttons but no whistles.

I have the Operator's Manuel close at hand so I can learn how to use this brand new "TOY" for the kitchen.  Lot's of do's and don'ts and just how the burners should be set.  I'm not studyin the Oven section.  The pic on the right shows the warmin drawer control {just pass the Big Start/Clean Off buttons}.

It came with a special bottle of cleaner for the glass top along with a special pad that you use to scrub the glass top.  I have a client who has a glass top drop-in and I've always used a dry paper towel to scrub the top and a wet paper towel to wipe up all the white stuff.

The next few weeks are going to be interesting as I learn all the ins and outs of what this "TOY" can do.  Hope I don't burn to many things in the process. {big smile and lots of giggles}

Yaw'll come on back and see what else I can get myself into {and learn if I did burn a few things} ... Ch'ear

Miss Em


Paxford said...

I am very glad that your "shocking" experience didn't harm you more than it did. And oooh new stove! *envy*


Miss Em said...

Pax..I glad too. Don't be too envious becaus I've got to learn how to use it.

Wrexie said...

Hi Miss Em. Thanks for payin' me a visit.
You bringin' a pie next time, baked in that new oven of yours? Yum. haha.

LG stuff is great! You'll figure it out in no time...and LOVE it!

Glad you're OK from the 220 zap. I got bit once too... elbow finally quit hurting eventually...but I still have a twitch...
J/K :)

Miss Em said...

Wrexie...Thanks for droppin by.
I won't be doing any baking until its closer to winter. Why heat the house to 350--400degrees and then have the AC on for hours trying to get it back to 78degrees.
I figured out the LG stuff about 3 yrs ago when I bought my Washer/Dryer and stacking kit. Love them...
Elbow is still not right..today it was really stiff and achy. Will be glad when it gets back to as normal as it can. A 220-zap can't have done it any good.

Miss Em

Wrexie said...

Uh. Sorry your elbow is giving you so much trouble. I knew of a guy that was a lineworker in TX. He got zapped...it went through his body and came out his hand. No one could figure out how he lived through it...he fell quite a way as well.
His hand is a mess...but he's still here.

I posted a kitty pic for you today. :)

Wrexie said...

Hows that oven learnin' comin' along, Miss Em? cobler ready yet?

Wrexie said...

Oh....... hahahaha....
I had to type in the word FOOSES to post my comment. haha. I'm adoption THAT word!

We'll have to come up with a funny definition for it. heehee...

Miss Em said...

Wrexie...Not yet got to go shoppin for the stuffin's.
In what context do you want that word FOOSES to be used?

Anonymous said...

Glad that you were not too hurt, shows why it is important to get electrician training or a qualified electrician if your dealing with electric products

Miss Em said...

Anon...I've been doing this since forever. Never once gave it a second thought...
BUT...now IF one of my client's stoves needs to be cleaned and they are like the old stove its off to the breaker box I go FIRST.

Lesson learned the hard way...

nough said.

Miss Em

Miss Em said...

Oh Anon forgot this ...

If you want to pay an electrician to clean your stove then go right ahead...
I believe that if you called one and told them that you wanted one of them to clean you electric stove top and under the burners he would be laughing his @ss off when you finially hear the dial tone.

Good Luck on getting one to come clean the electric stove.

Miss Em

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, certainly not for cleaning a stove, but for anything technical it's wise to call out a professional. Regardless, glad it was only a lesson learnt :)