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Sunday, June 06, 2010

It's Shelving time ... Sunday Memorial Day Week-end

It all started  a few months back when I had to move my front room around because I got a 'Loveseat'.  I had to remove the shelves that were on the wall because they would not stay up when I put my books that I have been collecting from the Marine's Commandant's Reading List and some that have been written by Marines that weren't on the List. 
In the process of the collaspe I lost several breakable pieces.  I was not a happy person as I stood there and looked at what had happen.  Some of those broken pieces I've had for over 30 years.  So it was time to make certain that it did not happen again.

So after a week of checkin out the type of shelves I began.  Now this is what the first wall looked like this but, this is actually a pic of the wall in repair for the 2nd set of shelves. 

And this pic is of the 1st set of shelves.  I'm not really happy with the way it is looking so that is why the second set of shelves came into being.

So let's begin with the process of Making "Miss Em" Happy.

The wall has finially been sanded and painted. 
Looking good.
Yes, I do need a ladder to get to the highest spots. 
Like I'm really 5' 2" and a couple of those spots was nearly 6'. 
So my 3 stepper took care of the extra height that was needed.

I tried to use my stud finder...
but the only reading I was getting was metal. 
 I did move it around on the second wall but to NO avail.
 Not at all like in the opposite wall where I was able to find 2 studs.
 I did use 3 anchor/screws [in the pic to the right] for the other holes in the first rod bar.
So with finding no wooden studs, I had to go and get my special anchor/screw systems. 
Each one of these are rated at holding 50 lbs. 
The rod bar had 5 holes so I had to use 5 anchor/screws which equals 250 lbs. 
There is NO way my shelves will hold that much weight.

The bar, brackets and shelf holders are up and I calling it quits for this late Sunday afternoon. 
Mainly because the Big Orange Box is closed and I need to get the shelving planks before I can get started on the next phase of this project. 
Where is my ice cream bowl.
[Oh, since tomorrow is Monday, Memorial Day, I have other plans so the shelves will just have to wait until later this coming week.]
Sometime this week I will be heading to the Big Orange Box store to get the shelving boards that I need for the shelves and then it is a matter of loading them up.
Got the boards Thursday evening on my way home from my client's home. 

Began Loading the shelves Saturday morning. 
Now that the loading of the new shelves are complete I will give you a look at what is on both of those shelves and what my little corner looks like when everything is put back in its proper place.

 A close-up and discription of what's on the shelves inthe following pic's....

Top shelf of 1st set of shelves...
I just recently added the painted Gourd and the two very delicate painted glass eggs that are sitting in silver napkin rings that are being used as egg holders.  When I find something that is a better egg holder than I will change them out.

The 3rd and 4th shelves of 1st set of shelves.  I have a couple of 8x10's of another group of Marines that I supported in Iraq that I will be getting a pair of nice frames for and putting on either side of those books on the 4th shelf.
Both of these shelves contain books that are on the Marine Commandant's Reading List and written by Marines from WWII and Iraq.  A few are written by parents and friends of Marines.
Each of the breakables are of "Humming Birds" and the center and left of center are tea candle holders.  The one left of center has a stain-glass look when the tea candle is lit.

These are of the 2nd shelf of 1st set of shelves.  The "pic" is of some of the Marines I have supported.  The one in the Dress Blues was promoted to Sargent just before he left Iraq.  I was one of only 3 people he told that he was getting promoted.  Guess I was someone special, at least to him. 
The pic in the top part of the frame is the brand new Sargeant[on the left] and his Sargeant[on the right] before he was promoted. It was taken while both were in Iraq.
The books are of "Badge of Honor" series by W.E.B. Griffin and yes I have read them.  The books behind the doves are of "The Corps" by the same author.
Right after I wrote the above I went back to the shelves and moved "The Corps" series to the other side of the shelf where my Marine items are and put the "Badge of Honor" series behind the doves.  Now, that not only feels right but looks right.

A pulled back look of Shelf #2 and of course #1shelf of 1st set of shelves. 
Now for the 2nd set of shelves

The top shelf ... aka the 5th shelf. 
The two lamps are Oil Lamps.
I have used them when the lights are not working because of storms or a dumb-ass driver that doesn't know that a power pole is not suppose to be used as a "stop driving" post.
The vessel is paper mache done by a Native American Artist in the style of his Tribe.

The top[5th] shelf and the 4th shelf.  Each and every book that is on the 4th shelf pretains to my Native American...Cherokee...heritage of which I am very proud to be able to claim.                                       I have read each of them and some I have used in the planing of my personal prayer alter. [ No.  I will not be showing pictures of my alter because it is sacred as well as private.]

This is a close-up on the right side of the above pic...  yep that's me.  I was about 29 at the taking and yes that is a 38S&M on my right hip.  I was an 'armed' rent-a-cop. 
Hey, I was recently divorced and that job paid the bills so NO snotty remarks. 
Besides after spending 2 years as a trained volunteer with the Arvada, Colo. PD that company snapped me up in a heart-beat.  And, I had a few of my PD  friends helping me in learning how to write reports that would stand up in court and making certain that my ability to shoot was top notch.
I will be getting a frame for this pic also.

Now for the 3rd shelf. 
Yes, I have used some of the remedies that are used in these pamphlets. 
Yes, I am still alive.  LOL.
[You will be seeing what flanks this in the last pic.]

This is the 2nd shelf.  As you will be able to see it is a half shelf.
I simply "love" Humming birds.

The 1st shelf has been dedicated to my crocheting books and binder of crocheting patterns/magazines.

Now this is how my corner looks when everthing is put back into place.
The small blue cube is where my crocheting is usually stored when I not working on it. 
That is usually the only light I have on in my corner so you now know that I am frugal.

Here is a close up of what is in the recliner wing-back chair...
My down time project for when I'm watchin brain dead TV programing. 
That will be my new table cloth when I get it done. 
I may even take a picture of it when I put it on the table.

So that's been my project since last Sunday, Memorial Day Week-end. 
I rather pleased that it came out better than I thought. 
The really hard part was trying to decide what I wanted to put on those shelves.

Oh, if any of you are wondering why the sheet is on the chair and the towel is on top of the sheet on the top of the back of the chair...

...enough said.

This is the other side of that end of the room...

Now when you look at that end of the room it feels as if some thought has definitely been put into it.  Notice the cover in the middle of the back cushion.  I have several more and have been thinking of joining a couple of them together for the recliner's top.
The picture frame hold some individual pic's of my Marines and family. 
And that blue thing is a working table top fountain.
The book is ... "Semper Fi...The Definitive Illustrated History of the U.S. Marines" by Col H. Avery Chenoweth, USMCR(Ret.) with Col Brooke Nihart, USMC(Ret.) .
Yes, I have read it.

Yea, I know.
The latice work on the fence outside the window needs to be finished in the painting department. 
Another Saturday project.

Hope yaw'll enjoyed my project and the quick peek into a part of my house.
Yaw'll come on back ... ch'ear.  
Miss Em


Coffeypot said...

Great job with the shelves and I would never make fun of a woman who is a trained marksman.

Paxford said...

Wow - you have been super busy.

I love seeing the photos of "your" boys - lots of love flowing back & forth there!


Anonymous said...

Looks goodly.

Jules said...

I'm new here.... hello.

LOVE that you documented this project!! Isn't blogging just spectacular? It's made "keeping a diary" hip again. Leaving our legacy's in words, one blog at a time.

And your house rocks. It just exudes homey!

Love from Arizona.

Miss Em said...

Coffeypot ... leave it up to you to pick up on that.

Paxford ... Busy?? Hey that job was spread out over a total of 3 wks. As for "my Marine boys" Proud as hell of them.

Cactus Mark ... Thanks.

Jules ... Thank you for droppin in and saying hello.
Never kept a diary before but yes bloggin is fun even when you are racking your brain to try to find somethin to write about.
"Your house rocks"...Thank you.
"exudes homey"...Thank you.